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Here are the bloggers who have sent their submissions this week. Happy reading!

Keri Arkell of Awesomely Unprepared shares with us her mixed feelings about going away without her little on in her post Separation Anxiety (mine).

Soon I will be flying interstate to be with my Tasmanian relatives (please hold all “two headed” jokes until the end of this post at which point I will join in and laugh with you). We will be celebrating the life of my dearly departed Nana, much like the way in which we celebrated the life of my granddad "Kenny" only a few short months ago.

Only something will be different. The Little Mister is not coming with me. Eep!

Read the rest of Keri's post here.

Alisha Forbes of Naughty Naturopath Mum's Blog taps us all on the shoulder and reminds us to slow down in her post STOP.

Once upon a time before kids, before facebook, before blogging, I actually prided myself on the fact that I inspired some friends of mine to feel ok about doing nothing.

They felt guilt if they weren’t being busy.  I taught them that it was ok to wear pyjamas all day and watch DVD’s if that’s all they felt like doing.

I was so proud when they told me that they had learnt this from me. What a great gift to give someone!


Somewhere, along the way, I have lost this ability.

Read the rest of Alisha's post here.

Jody Scott-Greer of Six Little Hearts talks us through her painful experience in her post An Ectopic Pregnancy.

I remember pain. Strange pain. A swelling sensation in my abdomen and bleeding. I had already had my period so I knew I was not pregnant. Two weeks after that period (and a very normal one at that), I noticed a one kilo weight gain. I distinctly remember hanging the washing and smelling the bakery very strongly. We lived at the time, very close to a large supermarket and this is where the waft of donuts greeted me with a bang not normally so intense. I recall looking at myself in the mirror after the donuts and thinking 'could I be pregnant?' I was in two minds and very confused. With all my pregnancies prior and since, I knew days before my period was even due that I was expecting: rapid heart rate, deeper breathing and that familiar sense of not being 'alone' always preceeded the due time.

Read the rest of Jody's post here.

Louisa Simmonds of My Midlife Mayhem takes us through her hilarioius and slightly envious musings about the royal birth in her post What Really Happened At The Royal Birth.

Did I hear correctly – was it really an 8 hour labour? The words ‘lucky biatch’ spring to mind if I’m honest – or is that a treasonable offence?

There will be pregnant women around the globe turning green with envy when the average labour is more like 12 hours, (and realistically that statistic has probably been fictitiously created to prevent a decrease in the population).

Read the rest of Louisa's post here.

Rebecca McGregor of Mumma Tells whisks her family away for a getaway that is actually quite relaxing in her post For the very first time.

We've never done this before. An impromptu family getaway. An escape from the daily grind.

And not because we haven't wanted to. It just seemed like a logistical nightmare. Too busy working. Too many other things. Too little time.

But here, time stopped.

The crisp, salty air filled our lungs.

The ocean breeze engulfed us in nature.

Read the rest of Rebecca's post here.

Kellie Turtu of Mama Pyjama shares her struggle to raise well-mannered children in her post Respect.

?Is it getting harder to raise respectful well-mannered children? Or are we just getting lazy?  Is it a result of social evolution?  More rights; a greater voice; more responsibilities; better understanding of the effects of various ‘parenting styles’ on young minds; more children in daycare; more independence; less social interaction – more texting, more Facebook, more Twitter?  Whatever the reason…it’s a pet hate of mine.

What happened to “welcome to Hungry Jacks, please place your order when you’re ready”?…when did it become “Place you order….Drive to the next window” ?

Read the rest of Kellie's post here.

Josefa Pete of Always Josefa dicusses the magic of sharing your story with others and she has a request to make of you in her post Stories of You.

Stories of You is open to those who do not have a voice to share their own story. The woman who is at home with her little ones and stays up til all hours late at night, baking and decorating cakes, so that she too follows her passion. The woman who sits rocking her newborn to sleep with her foot, while she crochets little hats for premmie babies and gives them away for free to mothers in desperate need. The woman who listens to the heartbreak of others, being a shoulder to cry on, solace to their wounds, then goes home and juggles children, a household and a marriage of her own.

Read the rest of Josefa's post here.

Rebecca Bowyer of Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting chronicles her attempt to purchase a book for download in her post Online shopping: defeated by an "Instant Download".

As a parent, I think that online shopping is right up there with dishwashers, those roaming little vacuum cleaners that work while you’re not home (I want one, I don’t have one: anyone looking to donate?) and Peppa Pig. They’re ace. They make modern life with kids that bit easier. Run out of food? No worries, the “man with the truck” as Son #1 refers to him, will deliver more jelly, milk and yoghurt straight to your door (all the important food groups for a three-year-old). Need some kiddie birthday presents for the weekend but sick as a dog and can’t get out right now? No problem, reach for your phone, do a quick Google, punch in your PayPal password and there you are, next day delivery.

Read the rest of Rebecca's post here.

Caylie Jeffery of Distractions of a busy mother writes about how difficult it is to pick up a distressed child from school in her post Clutching a tissue in his hand.

Your teacher looked harassed and worried, as she saw the look in my eyes, the questions unable to be answered because of the busyness in the room. I cradled you in my lap, and asked you what had happened. Red rimmed, beseeching eyes wouldn't tell me, but you asked if I could take you home as soon as possible. No play in the park after school with your friends, no happy little boy excited to break out of class. You clung to me like someone drowning. You wanted me to carry you all the way home, like a newborn child.

Read the rest of Caylie's post here.

Sarah Valle of What Sarah Ate Read Saw discusses her experience of public transport and why it's not for the faint-hearted in her post Lady, let me off the tram.

Imagine that! Nothing to help me balance as the tram jostles along and turns corners!

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a prude about being forced into situations in which I'm placed within close proximity of other passengers (although gently nuzzling into someone's armpit is not something that appeals to me) and situations in which I will hence also often have to politely smile and channel my inner sense of natural courtesy to others (although, sometimes at that time of the morning, especially before my coffee, it take some effort).

Read the rest of Sarah's post here.

Stephanie Rogers of She Said What confesses she just doesn't enjoy taking her kids to the park in her post The Park, Fun Right?

As I sit in the park with my youngest child (and I use the term ‘sit’ very loosely, actually I usually chase him around stopping him from picking up dog poop and going head first down the slide) I often wonder why this is supposed to be fun. I mean I get the outdoors being nice and all that, fine, yes, they sky is blue, the sun is warm, great. But there’s a few things that just get me about the park….

Bonnie Pockley of Colourbash writes beautifully about the reality of raising twins in her post On twins.

I’m not sure where to begin with this – possibly in reflection, looking back on the day. We’re all up early as Hame prepares for work, searching for clean clothes, getting ready for what’s ahead of us. By 9am, both babies are tearing at me, wanting to be cuddled. Breakfast was thrown on the floor. Nothing eaten. They’ve got colds and feel miserable. They need comforting but I can only hold one of them at a time. At this point Inca is the more insistent and so she’s swept up in my arms. Pax screams and takes one of his toys and hits her hard across the head. ‘Cuddle!’ He screams as she wails. Later, I hold him as he sobs, Inca now angry on the floor. I try holding them both but my arms break beneath the weight. Inca scrambles, sees his foot and bites down hard. ‘Mummy, cuddle!’ Tears.

Read the rest of Bonnie's post here.

Susan of One Woman Circus talks about the madness of encountering a gun-totting pizza waitress in Australia in her post Why is my pizza waitress teaching American kids how to use guns?

I didn’t feel like cooking dinner the other week so I went to pick up some pizza for the hubby and I, and while I was waiting for the naughty treat I got chatting to the lovely young waitress serving me. She was about 19, beautiful, bubbly, smart, and was studying hospitality. Oh, and last year she worked at an American camp teaching kids as young as six how to shoot rifles.
Yep that’s right, GUNS. I’ve never actually experienced anything close to falling off a chair from hearing or seeing something unbelievable, but I was pretty darn close (and almost took my sneaky glass of red with me).  Whaaaa?

Read the rest of Susan's post here.


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