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At iVillage we’re passionate about supporting Australian bloggers. That’s why we’ve created iBlog Friday.

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Here are the bloggers who have sent their submissions this week. Happy reading!

Bree Katsamangos of Twinkle in the Eye takes us through what we as parents can do about childhood bullying in her post A parent's guide to bullying. It's a must read.

Look for changes in your child’s behaviour. Is there unexplained reluctance to go to school? Does your child appear anxious, fearful or tearful? Is your child experiencing sleep disturbances or nightmares? Is your child experiencing vague physical symptoms e.g. headaches or stomach pains and often on school days? Does your child have unexplained physical injuries? Do their belongings go missing or come home ripped and damaged?

Read the rest of Bree's post here.

Bianca Slade of Wholefood Simply shares with us another healthy and delicious recipe inspired by a lost loved-one in her post Paleo Carrot Cake.
I lit this candle. I thought of you. I gave thanks for all that you taught me. I am blessed to have been raised amongst your free spirit, your humorous persona and your loving heart. You have played an integral role in our family, so often bringing us together, making us laugh, and filling our hearts with warmth. However, let us not pretend that this has always been the way. Eighteen years ago we were living together, you were the closest thing I would ever have to a Sister, and in true sibling style we fought, and we fought, and we fought. For so many years I drove you crazy and yet as soon as we were apart we missed each other, we asked about each other, we wanted to be together again. That home needed the three of us, once links started missing nothing has ever felt the same.
Read the rest of Bianca's post here.
Louisa Simmonds of My Midlife Mayhem shares with us how a normal Friday night in with the family can go horribly wrong in her post The award for worst person in a family crisis goes to…
I’m still not sure what was worse on Friday night.

It might have been the old man tumbling down the courtyard steps like a human slinky, and ending up looking like he’d only just survived ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Or it may have been my embarrassing reaction to the sight of his wounds.

I am definitely the favourite for this year’s award for Worst person in a Family Crisis.

Read the rest of Louisa's post here.
Joanna Hill of Love, Life & Beauty Therapy tells us exactly how to have beautiful skin on a budget in her post On a tight budget? Your skin needs you to read this!!
It always bothers me when magazine’s boast “Budget Beauty Product” articles but when you actually read them the cleansers are $50 and the moisturisers just squeeze in under the $100 mark. Sorry beauty editors, but I’m on a UNI STUDENT budget- you know the one where the main meal is chicken noodles in a cup! The alternative option is that they show a wide variety of lovely, but not so functional ‘beauty’ products like candles, lip balm and bubble bath- I mean, I LOVE those things but I am on a serious budget here…..and it’s kind of depressing to think that my only skincare option is a tub of Blistex!
Read the rest of Joanna's post here.

Caylie Jeffery of Distractions of a busy mother explains how a child's tantrum in a shopping centre can be the turning point to help you rediscover your happy place in her post Let's create some space.
In a shopping centre recently, I saw a mother whose child was having a massive tantrum. It was a humdinger, which would have turned most of us into a blathering mess of stress and humiliation. This woman, however, was calmly staring off into space, whilst the tantrum ran its course. As I watched the scene play itself out, it occurred to me exactly what was happening. That mother had gone to her Happy Place.
Read the rest of Caylie's post here.


Keri Arkell of Awesomely Unprepared writes about how hard it can be for mums to get ready for a night out in her post The (not really) yummy mummy's guide to preparing for a big night out.

When preparing for a girls’ night out, a mummy must start planning months in advance. Not kidding. If you’ve got other friends who are mummies then you need to maybe just make it a year in advance. Then tell your husbands/partners/parents/in laws to Lock. That. Sh*t. Down. It’s going in the diary and you WILL have babysitters. ALL of you. Determination is the key.

Read the rest of Keri's post here.

Bec Tells of Mumma tells: tails of tears and triumphs tells of the moment she became a mum, unexpectedly, in her in-law's bed in her post On becomming a mother. You have read it to believe it.
I became a mother on my in-laws spare bed. As surprising as it may seem, this was not a part of my birth plan. Nonetheless, it will be permanently etched on my frontal lobe for the rest of my days.

Being a first-time Mumma, one thing which I was acutely aware of was the fact that I had not done the ‘labour thing’ before. What would it feel like? How would I know it was time? “You just will,” played on repeat, as the {mainly unsolicited} advice came pouring in. And so, I waited. Patiently. Well, at least my version of it.

Read the rest of Bec's post here.

Josepha Pete of Always Josepha shares a personal story of motherhood, sisterhood and cake in her post The Importance of Cake.

It really is about the simple things. Not the extravagant. The importance of cake on a birthday should never be overlooked. Whether the birthday is to celebrate turning four or turning forty, there needs to be the ritual of cake. For it is the cake and the candle that it bears that make birthdays something we keep believing in, whether we like to admit so or not.

Read the rest of Josepha's post here.

Dragana Lolic of Light Love Soul explains how she deals with challenges in life (as well as the times when she doesn't quite get it right) in her post The wonder of falling off the emotional wagon.

I have a confession to make. I fell off the wagon this weekend. I have been sitting rather pretty in my first class carriage on my train journey to inner peace and contentment for a quite a while now. Until my ego came along this weekend and kindly kicked me back to the baggage compartment. Emotional baggage that is.


Read the rest of Dragana's post here.

Julia Alexander of Perfect Wife Magazine recalls exactly what happened when a bird flew into her house in a state of panic (her, not the bird) in her post Bird in the house.

Outside birds are quite lovely, really. Their singing makes for melodic background noise, they flutter delicately around trees and entertain toddlers immensely.

Inside, however? They are frightful beasts of prey. They are flighty, unpredictable and dangerous if provoked. (Which coincidentally makes them all of the things I am on a particularly bad day.)

Read the rest of Julia's post here.

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