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Here are the bloggers who have sent their submissions this week. Happy reading!


Caylie Jeffery of Distractions of a Busy Mother shares her experience attending an appearance by her childhood heroine Julie Andrews in her post An Evening with a Childhood Heroine.

Most of all, I loved Julie Andrews- from the way she sang like a nightingale, to her beautiful face with its upturned nose and crooked front tooth. From her perfect diction, to the way she tut-tutted when she was cross, and her turned out toes. I have seen all of her popular movies and loved every one of them. But more than anything, I loved a book she wrote called "Mandy", about an orphaned girl who found solace in a little house she found in the woods behind her orphanage. I had no idea it was 'Mary Poppins' who wrote that book, because it was published under her married name, Julie Edwards. So when I discovered it was Ms Andrews who wrote it, I knew she was a wonderful soul and connected with her even more.

Read the rest of Caylie's post here.

Nathalie Brown of Easy Peasy Kids looks back on motherhood as her daughter turns 17 and accepts her 'mummy fails' may not have been that big a deal after all in her post Confession" 17 years of 'mothering fails'.

Instead of beating my self up with guilt and self loathing I began to look at the bigger picture. Well, in saying that it’s only really now that I can step back and see the bigger picture. My daughter is 17 and she’s ok. She’s more than ok, she rocks my world.

So called labelled parenting fails/mothering fails, which we usually label ourselves just form part of the bigger picture. Parenting and motherhood is a continuous lesson of learning with your child. It changes as they grow. It changes as we grow. It’s totally unique to you and your child. No amount of preparation can make it smooth sailing. There are no guarantees when you have children or warranties or return policies.

Read the rest of Nathalie's post here.

Jo Hartley of Wannabe Yummy Mummie takes us through her hilarious attempt to toilet-train her son in her post This Post Comes With A Smug Mummy Warning! Sorry!

So the Monday arrived and I explained to Mr T what we were going to do – well, as much as you can explain to a 2.5 year old who doesn’t tend to listen all that often or sit still for more than 5 minutes straight. I told him that he was a big boy now and that only babies wear nappies all the time and, therefore, from here on in, he would only wear nappies for sleep times* – *I am going ‘cold’ turkey ok…not, arctic. I then proudly and excitedly pulled out a pair of robot pants which I had brought a pack of especially (commonly now known as Big Boy Pants), kind of did a jig round the room waving said pants to make them more exciting, and then proceeded to get him dressed.


Read the rest of Jo's post here.

Bianca Slade of Wholefood Simply has us all scrambling to make this amazing treat in her post 'Is it as good as Gran's? Wholefood Simply Caramel Slice.

I do not believe I will ever fully come to terms with no longer having my Gran’s physical presence in my life. I try, as a Mother, a friend, a daughter and a wife, to walk in her direction, but I do not possess her level of calmness or selflessness. I think of her daily, and I love anything that reignites the joy and ease I experienced in her company.

My Gran made the best caramel slice. Did everyone’s Gran do that?

If only I could be sharing this with her, I know she would be so proud. This slice is a toast to all the Gran’s out there, holding hands and warming hearts, giving unconditional love and acceptance in ways only Grans can, how thankful we are to have you in lives.

Read the rest of Bianca's post here.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz of Seek Act Love discusses the perfect time-out from motherhood in her post Tuning Out.

Do you ever just sit in silence? No TV, no radio, no children talking, no baby crying?

And not just silence in terms of a lack of noise – silence for your other senses too. Dim lights. Warm room. Comfortable chair. Something easy and comforting to cast your eyes over. Something nourishing to sip on and feel trickle through your body.

Motherhood can be an assault on the senses. Every fibre of your being is attune to the sounds, smells, and actions around you. The noise alone can create a physical reaction at times! We crave silence – just for a moment – to allow our bodies to stop. Release. Breathe.

Read the rest of Amy's post here.

Louisa Simmonds of My Midlife Mayhem discusses an important question in her post How Can Our Teenagers Still Be Smoking.

This is Kurt’s first self-expression choice that has potentially serious health implications. Even worse; I can’t control this choice. Simply wanting him to stop smoking isn’t enough.

Have you ever tried ‘reasoning’ with a teenager hell-bent on self-destruction?

‘Never smoke’ was probably my biggest mantra as a parent; which is probably why he’s started. It’s a simple act of teenage rebellion. I obviously caught on too late to the whole reverse psychology strategy in parenting.

But this is the most bitter parenting pill to swallow.

Read the rest of Louisa's post here.
Michelle Holland of Mummy Loves to Write has us in stitches with her post Mummy Not So Yummy. We've all been there Michelle!
Mummy is struggling with maintenance. Mummy hates her hairy legs. (Mummy isn’t sure when she started referring to herself in the third person. Maybe the lack of ‘me’ time for waxing, shaving, colouring, cutting and primping, is driving her a little mad).

As you can see from the picture, I have hairy tree trunks at the moment. This is complemented by my heels which are developing a second layer of skin – lest I need to walk through hot coals or some other activity where hardy heels would be useful. All of this is topped off by scaly calves that haven’t seen moisturiser since 2010. The weather is in my favour though, because it has turned wintery (obviously Mr Weather doesn’t own a calendar) and therefore the showing of extremities is limited. I am generally found inside and truth be told, inside these slippers.

Read the rest of Michelle's post here.

Erin Patel of Coffee Talk with Erin: Bookgirloz takes inspiration from our Mum vs Life series featuring Kerri Sackville and takes us through her day in A sneaky peak into a day in my life...

Every day is different here. We have some days that we do child friendly activities (such as trips to the library or music classes) and other days that are mum friendly (such as the gym or catching up with friends) and some days that aren’t friendly in any way at all!

Today is a Tuesday. Tuesdays are daycare days for my eldest daughter (3 years). This morning I was extra tired because my youngest (17 months) was suffering from croup. In the early hours of the morning I had decided that my worry about disrupting sleep routines (and self settling mumbo jumbo) was less important than my concerns about the barking noises coming over the baby monitor so I brought her into our bed. I do love a little snuggle with a sleepy baby but I think perhaps my husband is less impressed because he tends to get up extra early on these days.

Read the rest of Erin's post here.

Stephanie Rogers of She Said What writes charmingly about feminism, botox and how silly some people are when they are drunk in her post Feminism - It's all about choice.
I like the way I look when I have hair and make-up done. I like having less wrinkles and smooth skin. I’m still a feminist. I still believe in gender equality. I still believe in busting glass ceilings, in equal representation of and for women, in equal status for ‘women’s issues’ such as child care and female sexual health. I believe in equal pay for female dominated industries, and ultimately I believe in choice. Women have an ultimate right to choose what they will do with, and to, their own bodies. That is pure feminism at work folks, fake eyelashes, botox and all!
Read the rest of Stephanie's post here.

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