QUIZ: So, what kind of divorced couple would you make?

So you get along now while you’re all married and in love and under the same roof, right? But what if it all turned into custard and you split? Find out what kind of divorced couple you and your spouse would make. It’s funny, we promise.

Almost every couple my husband and I used to socialise with has broken up. We can think of only a handful of couples still together. It has gotten to the stage where we are too scared to contact couples we have lost touch with in case they have broken up. It’s just too sad.

We heard of a particularly devastating divorce last week. They were a couple we idealised. Ten years and two children later they are not only divorced, but fighting over everything.

It was while my husband was telling me about how bad things have gotten between our former friends that I blurted out, “I think we’d be really happy divorced people”.

Say what?

“What do you mean,” my husband asked, lower lip trembling. Okay, so his lower lip wasn’t trembling, but he did look a little hurt.

“I don’t mean I want to get divorced, I just mean that we care about each other, we get along so well, we are best friends, we share a similar sense of humour…as divorced couples go, I think we’d rock it!”

He begrudgingly agreed before making me agree that not only was I not thinking of divorce, we are in fact never ever ever getting divorced.


It actually turned into quite a lovely moment for us. Like an unofficial renewal of our vows…


Here is the definitive “What kind of divorced couple would you make” to find out just what you’d be in for if God-forbid, you ever got divorced from your beloved, not that it will ever ever happen.

Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions.

  1. When one of you is sick, instead of feeling annoyed and inconvenienced, do you instead want to care for them?
  2. Can you happily go a whole week without having sex, with no fights or resentment?
  3. While we don’t expect you to both have the same favourite ice cream flavour, is there a flavour you can happily share?
  4. Do you text each other during the day?
  5. When you find out something exciting or new, do you want to tell them about it?
  6. Do you enjoy watching them play with your children?
  7. When stressed, do you comfort each other instead of squabbling?
  8. Have you ever successfully built a piece of furniture for the kids without any tears or tantrums?
  9. Are you on the same page when it comes to money and how it is spent?
  10. Do you always fess up to each other when you have a bad parenting moment? Or at least, most of the time?

Add up your answers. If you answer ‘yes’ to more than half the questions, then be comforted by the fact that if you’re ever facing divorce, you’d still be fab friends. If you answer ‘no’ to more than half of the questions then you may want to organise a post-nup so the coffee table you like doesn’t end up getting sawed down the middle.

Okay, so how did you go? I answered ‘yes’ to six questions and ‘no’ to four. Gosh, I thought I’d do a bit better than that. I really must stop feeling like the flu is his way to stop helping me do laundry and bring him soup instead.

Please, share your results or feel free to add to the questions on this list. Now, I need to go to the shops and buy ice cream. For some reason I am craving Ben & Jerry’s Maple Tree Hugger, our couple ice cream flavour of choice.

Do you think there are other indicators that should be added to this list?