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So you want to marry Patrick from Offspring?

Actor Matthew Le Nevez who plays Patrick on Offspring


As I write this, there are women all over Australia whose hearts are palpitating as they remember this week’s season finale of Offspring.

Am I right? Own up. Come on. How many of you are sitting at your desk or standing in the kitchen and fantasizing about your happily married future life with Patrick, RIGHT NOW?

Sure he’s a fictional character but I do not judge any of you. Why?

Because I too, fell deeply and madly in love this year.

I was in a cinema watching The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron. Incidentally, I was sitting next to my (very patient) partner, although it wasn’t him I fell in love with on that rainy afternoon.

It was Logan, Zac Efron’s perfect character.

Logan was gorgeous. He loved dogs and was great with kids. He could drive a tractor, cook, fix up a dilapidated house. He was just your everyday burly, fun loving handyman but he looked LIKE ZAC EFRON. He was sentimental. At one point, he even saved someone’s life. I mean, how could you not fall in love?

By the end of the film I just wanted to sign myself up for a looooong marriage and many little Logan babies.

The other night, after the Offspring finale, one of my friends posted the following e-card:

It’s so true. And it got me thinking – which fictional characters have I wanted to marry through the years? Not date, not have just one night of passion with – but actually marry?

Here are some of the best:

Which fictional character from television, a movie or a book would you want to marry? And far more importantly, why?