I had sex every single day of my pregnancy

The last thing I felt like doing when I was ginormously pregnant was having sex. I could barely put my own shoes on, let alone do the wild thing.

But Knocked Up author Rebecca Eckler (pictured right, with baby Holt) has confessed she was horizontal folk dancing with her partner every single day of her pregnancy. Right up until she went into labour.

It wasn’t on a dare or to gather material for her next book. It was simply because she felt “like a horny whale”.

Rebecca tells Mommyish: “I had sex every single day of my pregnancy. This is not an exaggeration. In fact, it’s not even an exaggeration to say that sometimes we did it TWICE a day when I was pregnant. I love my fiancé and so we do it a lot. Obviously, I’m very attracted to him. I guess I also like sex. He DEFINITELY likes sex and I often joke to him that he has a sex addiction problem, because if we go ONE day without doing it, which rarely happens, he’ll say something like, “We haven’t had sex in a while.”

She admits her friends are stunned that she is so sexually active. She, in turn, is stunned that they have sex so infrequently with their partners, even when they're not up the duff.

“I’ve recently become obsessed with asking married couples how often they have sex," she writes. "The answers sometimes amaze me. I’ve never heard one of my friends answer, “Every day.” The best I got was twice a week, which I thought was pretty good for 13 years of marriage. I’ve also heard, “Um, maybe every three weeks.” And I’ve also heard, “Only on vacations.” (What? You only have sex like once or twice a year?) What saddens me the most are my friends who actually admit to me that, “If he even wants to touch me, I’m repulsed.”

And she wonders why, then answers her own question: “We are tired. So tired.”


I hear you sister. 

She concludes: “Maybe it’s true that I will get sick of having sex with him as time goes on. I hope not. After all, if I could have sex every single day throughout my pregnancy (that’s, like, nine months, every day) I certainly can continue having sex while not being pregnant  – when I can actually lie on my stomach.”

I'm not entirely sure why lying on her stomach is an essential part of the process, but good for her. 


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