Meet Valeria Lukyanova: the woman who breathes instead of eating. (Yes. Really.)

Aliens, Barbies and intergalactic travelling, oh my!

At 31 years old, Ukranian woman Valeria Lukyanova is possibly one of the strangest people the internet has ever unearthed. And that’s saying something.

Physically, the self confessed “human Barbie” is the embodiment of a doll, a trait she plays off, making money from lucrative modelling jobs and television appearances.

Spiritually, she is said to communicate with aliens through speaking “the language of light”.

Spiritual Barbie. Source: Facebook

Professionally, when not modelling or appearing on TV, she is a teacher at an "out-of-body-travel" school, showing others how to "leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body, where you can visit any place on the planet and in the universe."

And edibly, she follows a strict diet consisting of... Air.

Yep, fresh, crisp, all-around-us-everywhere-we-go, air.

I bet she saved a fortune in grocery bills when she switched over.

Scaring the children Barbie. Source: Facebook

Taking up as a Breatharian, Lukyanova vowed to no longer partake in food or water, believing that all the sustenance she needed was available from light and air.

It's also known as starvation, but lets not split hairs here.

Shortly after beginning her diet of absolutely nothing, Lukyanova quit, saying she would like to take the practice back up at another time.

Lukyanova if you're reading this, don't. Just eat instead, it's really fun!

Pouty and pink Barbie. Source: Facebook

Despite being told by the aliens that her spirit is very old, Lukyanova is forced to remain on earth, schlepping it with us mere mortals.

"Humans are the least sophisticated civilisation," she says. The aliens also added that "we’re on the lowest level of evolution."

But, determined to turn those lemons into lemonade, Lukyanova and the Human Barbie "team" have a clear goal to achieve before joining the intergalactic higher beings.


Surrounded by evolutionary plebs Barbie. Source: Facbook

"Barbie has always been associated with beauty, love and care,"Lukyanova writes on the site. "It has always been a young girl’s best friend and has put unlimited smiles on her face.

"Humanbarbie.org is a effort to create a change lives of women in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and empower them in self confidence, knowledge and better health."

Which all sounds great, if it wasn't on the same site that lists her height, weight and dimensions.

The Garden of Good and Evil Barbie. Source: Facebook.

Do we understand how or why she exists? Not really, but does it even matter? She's a Barbie girl, living in a Barbie world, and apparently her life in plastic really is fantastic.