You'll never straighten your hair and then get caught in the rain again...

Hands up if you’ve ever spent precious moments of your morning routine blow-drying and straightening your hair only to have it ruined by wind and humidity the moment you step out the front door.

Yep us too, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s why web designer Gab White developed an app that tells you if you should bother doing your hair in the morning.


Enter your city and country at How’s Your Hair, hit submit and you’ll get feedback like: “The wind is blowing at 6.4km/hour, just enough wind to make your hair look like you’re Beyonce; standing in front of a medium power fan.”

“As someone who has spent years of her life oscillating between embracing my curly hair to the point of abandoning my hair dryer versus beating my curly hair into submission with a high-power hair dryer and industrial strength flat iron – a lot of my good hair days depend on the weather conditions,” White says.

“Sometimes you can peer out your window on a sunny June morning and expect nothing but the best of hair days, only to step outside and realize that the humidity is at 95 per cent and all that work gone into heat styling your hair was wasted.”

“You can literally watch your straightened locks shrivel up into frizzy corkscrews before your eyes, and if you didn’t bring an emergency hair elastic, well then, you’re shit out of luck,” says curly-haired White of her bad hair days.

If you wash and style your hair at night, the app also lets you know what the weather is (predicted) to do the next day. If it’s looking like rain, it’ll advise you to not to bother straightening your hair tonight.

Try it out here.

Thoughts? Hair-changing or wait and see?

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