There's only one way to sleep peacefully through a heatwave.

The summer heatwave is in full swing, and falling asleep is harder than ever.

“How to stay cool in summer?”, I hear you mashing into Google, just looking for some answers and relief.

Step right this way, sweaty people.

Step right this way, sweaty people. via iStock.

The worst part is feeling sticky. At night. Lying in bed, sheets and blankets kicked off, sprawled, nude, sweating, in tears and recalling those euphoric times you were cool.

Here are the signs of heatstroke to watch out for this Summer.

You can't turn the temperature down, but there are some easy hacks you can perform to keep cool at night as the mercury rises.

Robin Bailey speaks about the torturously small amount of sleep she get's every night. Post continues below.

Firstly? Turn off the $12 ALDI fan. It's doing nothing but bathe you in humidity.

One Mamamia staff-member swears by freezing her pillow cases.

Before leaving for work in the morning, she places her pillow cases in a plastic bag and pops them in the freezer. Then, come bedtime... icy-cold pillow cases.

Another wraps a cool wet towel around her feet. Apparently, it keeps her body cool long enough for her to fall asleep and by the time the towel dries she's already pumping Zs.

Sure, these measures are fairly unorthodox. But we have to band together.

We have to share our experiences, tips and hacks to beat the heat... and sleep easy.

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