How to tell if there's a ghost around you, according to a top psychic.

Whether you believe in the spirt world or not, it’s hard not to take Deb Malone seriously.

She was a bonafide skeptic. A non-believer who thought ghosts and demons to be nothing more than crafted characters for films and children’s books.

Then, she had six near-death experiences. Six. And after reaching the end of the road and being turned back for the sixth time, she experienced a spiritual awakening.

She’s now used her psychic gift to help Police solve some of the most haunting crimes in Australia.

Listen to psychic investigator Debbie Malone teach Mia Freedman how to tell if there’s a spirit around you, on No Filter. Post continues after audio. 

As she writes in her book Clues from Beyond: True crime stories from Australia’s #1 Psychic detective: “I am not here to change people’s belief systems. However, I would like to open their minds to the possibility that life exists beyond the grave and give victims of crime a voice.”

As you can imagine, given her work with law enforcement and in the criminal field, she has the art of spirit/ghost detection pretty mastered.

She tells Mia Freedman, “Sometimes the temperature will change around you… sometimes you’ll see things in your peripheral vision – so something might move in the corner of your eye.”

Debbie goes on, “You might see symbols or you might even hear songs pop into your head, or words that you wouldn’t normally say – it might be something that someone would normally say when they were alive.”

What about when “that” song starts playing in the car.

“Definitely songs on the radio. All the time. Sometimes it’s an older song that you haven’t heard for ages, and then there it is – and you’ll think about that person.”

Debbie Malone. Image: Supplied.

According to Debbie, the spirits around us are generally trying to help us. That is, they're not usually harmful.

Unless the location you're in is a historical one.

Debbie recalls, "I did a TV show called Scream Test in 2000. I got locked in Maitland Jail in the dark in different cells. They would play a video of the worst things that happened in the cell, and then it went completely black and you were stuck there with a video camera."

"I got attacked in there. I went in one area and it was a female cell which - the producers didn't know - but this woman [a spirit] showed me that she'd killed a baby, which was hideous. I came out with scratches all down my face."

What do the skeptics out there say to that?

You can listen to the full episode of No Filter with psychic investigator Debbie Malone, below.

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