How to (quickly) fill in and define your eyebrows.

We all started to understand just how flattering and alluring natural, (“thick”), well-shaped eyebrows were five or so years ago, which is why you see so many brow-related services and prodz and information around these days. Turns out we were all doing them WAY too thin, and FAR too arched for most of the 2000s. How unfortunate.

As such, I strenuously recommend growing out your eyebrows to as close to their natural shape and size (check photos of you in Year 6 for what this looks like), and then taking a small amount of time to fill them in and define and shape them whenever you do your makeup.

Yes. Even if you’re just wearing tinty moisturiser and mascara. (Fun fact: Well shaped, filled-in brows means you can wear LESS makeup!)

I also recommend having them professionally shaped and tinted if it’s possible (I have mine done every six weeks by the magnificent Lien Davies at browsandmakeup.com.au and I consider it An Essential), so that your fillin’ and definin’ is easier.

Terrific, well-shaped and defined brows will make your eyes stand out, flatter your face shape, accentuate cheekbones and lips, and in my opinion, create an awe-inspiring halo of youthfulness and freshness upon one’s face that will dazzle friends and strangers alike.

Here’s how I do mine each day.

Zoe uses:

Benefit Instant Eyebrow Pencil

Benefit Speed Brow

Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow

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Zoe Foster is an author and columnist and Contributing Editor for Mamamia. She has previously been the beauty director for both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR magazines, and the Editor at Large of Primped.com.au. Zoe has published four books; Air Kisses, Textbook Romance (which she wrote with Hamish Blake), Playing The Field and Amazing Face. You can follow Zoe’s tumblr here and her Twitter here. You can and should buy Amazing Face here.

How do you handle your brows?