You've been doing it wrong: Opening a tin of Milo.

A quick straw poll of the iVillage office reveals we’ve all been opening Milo the wrong way…. our entire lives.

Quick question: Are you a stabber?

That is, after removing the lid from a tin of Milo, do you furiously stab the foil with the end of a spoon/knife/other kitchen implement then rip at it like a ravenous hyena?

A quick straw poll of the iVillage office reveals we’re all stabbers – and apparently that means we’ve been opening our Milo the wrong way our entire lives.

According to this video, you’re supposed to gently ease the foil away from the edge of the tin with a spoon, before simply lifting it off. Much more civilised, right? Although, we must say, there is something strangely satisfying about puncturing the foil and tearing it back, bleeding fingers and all. Watch here:

So, has this changed your life? Or are you feeling smug because you’ve known all along?

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