'I'm an over-40s makeup expert and this is the exact skin-prep routine I swear by.'

Ageing is a privilege.

The beautiful, well-earned lines etched into the skin that have years of stories to tell. That privilege and authenticity is something we never want to take away.

However, with mature skin can also come very small annoyances: dryer patches and crepiness that can show up more obviously with makeup.

As we know, the right skin prep is essential for creating a hydrated and smooth base for makeup to sit better and leave a radiant finish that lasts longer.

Award-winning makeup expert Amanda Ramsay, celebrated for her expertise in makeup for over 40s, takes us through some of her favourite skin prep products for those mature skins who need a little extra help with making their complexions look fresher and glowier!

So if you're someone who is struggling with dry patches or makeup longevity, Amanda is here to help and as she tells us in her YouTube video below, the extra effort you put into prepping, the longer your makeup will last…

Watch Amanda Ramsay give her best skincare tips for makeup that lasts. Post continues below.

Night-before prep.

1. A plumping mask.

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Amanda's tip is starting your skin prep the night before, or in her words: "Go to bed like a glazed doughnut" to ensure plump, hydrated skin for makeup application the next day.

Amanda's pick: The Jojoba Company Pure Jojoba Gel Mask 50ml ($34.95). "Slather yourself in this delicious lightweight, cooling gel mask and your skin will be plump and glorious the next morning," says Amanda.

"Beautiful for all skin types. All that crepiness and dryness — gone."

2. A liquid exfoliant.

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Sensitive-skin havers, you might want to tread with caution, but if your skin is tolerant, Amanda suggests applying a chemical exfoliant like an AHA the night before so that you wake up with glowy, smooth skin in the morning.

Chemical exfoliant beginners, may we suggest starting this once a week to build up tolerance and see how you go from there!

Amanda's pick: Viviology Liquid Exfoliant 200ml ($55). Gentle but still effective this chemical exfoliant will help clear skin congestion, texture and refine the appearance of pores.

Amanda advises only using an AHA if you feel your skin really needs it.

Morning skincare.

1. A gentle cleanse.

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Choosing a cleanser targeted to your skin type is key.

However, if you're not a morning cleanser or prefer something much more gentle in the AM to cleanse without using an actual cleanser, Amanda loves the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 250ml ($22.99) for a quick, easy and gentle swipe all over the face.

2. Spritz all over with a hydrating mist.

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For optimal hydration, Amanda's trick is to dampen the skin first with an all-over spritz of a hydrating mist.

Amanda's pick: The Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Facial Spritz ($62), which she uses to pump hydration back into the skin and says, "This is great because it doubles as a setting spray as well."

One mist with two benefits — perfect.

3. Follow up with a hydrating serum.

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Amanda then recommends layering on a hydrating serum for added bounce and juiciness on the skin.

"On damp skin, we're going to apply something that's going to plump up and quench that thirsty skin, so I've chosen a hydrating serum for all skin types, the Antipodes Hosanna Intense Hydrating Serum ($52)," she says.

For those who experience sensitivity, Amanda has you covered with another optional serum.

She says: "If you have a bit of redness, irritation and your skin gets quite hot, you might want to add something like The Jojoba Company Probiotic Jojoba Milk ($45.95) because it's going to just soothe and calm your skin, and that can be layered over the top."

4. Layer on a face oil to extra dry bits.

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Amanda tells us that mature skin tends to experience more dryness in certain areas of the face so she suggests adding a few drops of face oil on the skin.

Amanda's pick: A couple of drops of the Alpha-H Golden Haze Face Oil 25ml ($74.95), which "can be great under makeup and brings that beautiful luminosity to your skin as well".

5. Moisturiser.

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Finally, mastering your skin prep and base before makeup should end with a really great moisturiser according to Amanda.

If you have really oily skin, Amanda suggests a gel-based moisturiser like the Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra Hydrating Water Gel 60ml ($49).

"For a more traditional moisturiser, the Viviology Ceramide Moisturiser 50ml ($50) is great for all skin types, and we know mature skin really needs those ceramides," says Amanda.


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A couple of extra expert tips from Amanda for longer lasting makeup.

Misting throughout the day: Pop your hydrating mist in your handbag and keep spritzing throughout the day!

M.A.C COSMETICS Fix+ Magic Radiance ($59) is another great one to throw in your handbag for touch-ups during the day. Another pro tip from Amanda is spraying them on your makeup brush then tapping under the delicate eye area for less creasage.

Add a primer to your routine: This ensures extra radiance and grip for makeup that tends to slip around.

Voila! Hydrating skin prep for mature skin before makeup!

What's your skin prep routine for makeup that lasts? Let us know in the comments below!

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