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It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting our spectacled friends. And for this I deeply apologise. I think you’re all very terrific and deserve your own post.

Cue… your own post!

1. Correct and conceal under and around the eye

Use a corrector to even out any dark tones first (like Napoleon Perdis The One) and then dab on concealer and then, if you have one, use an illuminating pen like YSL Touche Eclat. This will keep the whole eye looking fresh and wide-awake under your glasses.

2. When using and choosing shadow, keep the eyelid fresh, light and bright

Avoid dark shades and smoked up eyes, and REALLY avoid greys or very cool blues. It will not do you any favours and in fact will wash you out and make you look tired. Instead, use washes of soft pinks, cream, purples, taupe, light bronzes and golds over the whole eye socket, and then use a brown shadow in and along the socket line ONLY (not the lid – keep that clean) and blend it out. (Check my smoky eye video for the how-to on that part.) Use something pink and brightening like Benefit High Brow under the brow to make the eye look bigger. The idea is to make it look very bright under there, and make you look very awake and pretty and fresh.

 3. Avoid makeup on the lower lashline

That includes mascara, liner and shadow. It will make your eye look darker and make you look far more tired than you are. And that seems unfair.

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4. Keep the inner corner clean, bright and free of liner

You want to create as much light in there as possible, so even if you’re applying liquid or gel or kohl liner along the lash line, severely thin it out as you get to the inner corner, or fade it out entirely two-thirds across from the outer corner.

5. Define and fill in your brows

People think this isn’t necessary because frames often cover the brows but that is wildly untrue – you need to frame your eyes more than ever when they are competing with big thick frames. Plus, you do make facial expressions right?

6. Curl your lashes. Twice.

This helps stop the fluttering and smashing of lashes against lenses.

7. Play up your lips and cheeks

Whether you do the above or not, you have license to give your cheeks and lips some extra attention and vibrancy. But even if you choose to skip all the shadow and liner, it’s worth concealing and correcting, doing your brows, and using a long-last, soft cream shadow all over the lid to open up the eyes. Like Covergirl Intense Shadowblast in forever pink, say.


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