How to get perky boobs at any age (you know you want them).

When it comes to boobs, gravity is a bitch.

I’ve had big boobs my whole life.  I was the first one in Grade Six to get a bra. But thanks to ageing and some recent weight loss, my boobs are not the perky, full fun bags they used to be.

Now I’m 41 – and if I take off my bra my boobs roll out like a red carpet.

And I’ve heard it just gets worse. Friends who’ve had babies say their boobs are just not the same as they used to be.

Perky boobs - a lot harder to come by as we get older

My mum is in her mid 60s and she has a lot of trouble bra shopping.  Straps slip off her shoulders and she wears minimisers rather than anything sexy. She figured it was just her lot as an older women.

Well, turns out she was wrong.

Triumph bra stylist, Paula Svobda, says with a properly fitted bra women of any age can have perky breasts.

“We can make you have 17-year-old boobs again. Absolutely!," she says.

Here's Paula's advice...

Right. So here are Paula's top tips for perky boobs:

* Get fitted by a professional, every single time you buy a bra. "There are huge differences in sizing between brands so if you’re a 14D in one brand it doesn’t mean you’re that size in another brand. Even with in the same brand, the bra size may differ. For example black bras are tighter than white bras because of the amount of dye in them,” she says.


How can I have hit my 40s and not know that fact?

* Choose a 'cut and sew' style. “That means the bra has a seam, because if you’ve lost that fullness the cut and sew will give you the projection you will need.”

This is what a cut and sew bra looks like

Look inside your bra. It should be constructed out of three sections and have support panels built into the cups.

* Look for bras with three or more hooks for additional strength to keep those puppies well-trussed.

* Avoid single-layer bras with moulded cups. These do not provide sufficient support.

“Avoid T-shirt bras. Unless they are really well fitted they aren’t great because if you don’t fill the entire cup it will buckle in at the top,” Paula says.

* Don't toss your bras in the dryer after washing them. The heat breaks down the elastic and material.

And what about my mum, who says her bra straps slip off her shoulders because, as she’s gotten older, her shoulders slope a bit more than they used to?

Shelly, learning about all things boob with Triumph.

Sorry Mum, but you’re wrong.

“No, that’s a size problem," Paula says. "Some ladies are slightly slanted in the shoulder, but a lot of the time if you’re wearing a size 16 bra, the straps are further apart than on a size 12 so they will fall off the shoulders,” she says.

“It’s all about the fit - you must be fitted!”

“I think a lot of women buy a good outfit, but they don’t worry about what’s underneath. That’s the most important thing.

"When I fit older ladies with a great bra that gives them shape and a bit of cleavage you can see the instant lift - not just in their boobs but in their self-esteem.”

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