HAIR: How to get sexy, beachy waves in a few easy steps.

One of the best things about going to the beach, besides the cooling off after a hot day part, is the residual zero-effort-required sexily tousled hair. But since all that salt water isn’t actually great for your hair, Domenica Calarco of style blog, Vogue Vandal has stepped in to teach us how we can get beachy summer waves at home.

Products used:
– Toni & Guy Heat Protectant
– L’Oreal Elnette Hair Spray
– Any curling wand; thickness depends on the length and texture of your hair. For thinner hair I recommend going with a smaller barrel as this will create smaller waves that will hold for longer. For thicker longer hair, a thicker wand is best as this will give you larger voluminous waves.


1. Start off with 2nd day hair; the dirtier the better when it comes to a style like this as the natural oils in your hair will enable the curls to hold for longer. The cleaner your hair, the looser the curls will become throughout the day.

2. Spray hair with a good quality heat protectant. This will not only protect your hair from further damage but ensures that your curls will last throughout the day.

3. Section your hair to where your middle part would naturally fall as we want the hair to fall as naturally as possible to give it a real ‘beach chic’ vibe.

4. Once your hair is parted, clip one half up to the side.

5. As we want this hair style to be as quick as possible, start from the back of your head working your way forward.

6. Making sure that the hair tong is always facing downwards, wrap the hair around the tong going away from your face. This will make sure the curls frame your face without looking too much like Farah Fawcett. It’s all about creating modern waves; so the less precise you are with where you place your curls the better.

7. When you have curled your whole head, spray with a light hairspray to give the curls a little bit of hold. By using a light hairspray, this will give some space for the curls to drop allowing them to eventually drop into that perfect beachy wave.

8. Then taking any brush, gently brush out the curls. You will see that the curls turn into waves. You can use your fingers to re-shape the curls if they do lose their shape, and then go over with a light spraying of hairspray to lock them in.

9. Voila! That is how you achieve lust-worthy hair that even Lara Bingle would be jealous of.

Domenica Calarco aka Vogue Vandal is a fashion and beauty blogger from Sydney. She was brought up on a diet of Italian food and fashion magazines. You can check out her blog here, YouTube channel here and follow her on Facebook here.

What hairstyle do you find hard to master? And what hair tutorial would you like to see next?

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