The top 5 most outrageous stories that involve a nanny.

‘Oh Mr. Sheffield’

Without having ever used the services of a nanny myself, I sadly only have either the TV series ‘The Nanny’ or the book ‘The Nanny Diaries’ to reference. Now, you’d think that both of these were complete fabrications, but the more I probed, the more I asked around, I learnt that no, actually, they were not as contrived as you would think. That the world in which a nanny operates, viewed by both the employee and the employer, can be quite outrageous.

Oh Mr. Sheffield.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by My Super Nanny. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their words.

So, after much investigation, I have discovered the top 5 most outrageous stories that involve a nanny:

This Nanny was a bit too bold with the ‘help yourself” offer

1. The one where the mother discovered the Nanny was stealing her clothes.

It was subtle at first. A camisole here, a pair of Capri pants there. Nothing so obvious that the glamorous mother, who worked in the fashion industry would ever notice. Why would she? The nanny thought. She positively reeked of new clothes and was forever bringing home clothing samples she’d never wear. Which would have been fine except that the nanny got a little too bold, swiping the dress the mother intended to wear to an awards ceremony and wearing it in her Facebook profile photo.

2. The one that let the 2 year old eat bark in the playground while she smoked with her German workmates.

Yeah, so this particular nanny would have been close to 21 and not really all that interested in looking after this couple’s child when they both left for work for the day. In fact, the minute they left, she made it her mission to spark up a hot one on the balcony and let the child cry. Unfortunately, for this particular nanny, cameras had been recently installed. So when she invited every person she knew in Australia over to get stoned and subsequently let the child roam around the garden eating bark and foliage, she was busted. I believe she lasted less than a week.


3. The one that had “relations” with the Daddy.

Little did the mother know her and the Nanny always spoke about the same man!

The mother was aware of the nanny, how attractive she was. I mean, she was desperate for someone to care for her son, but she wasn’t blind. Yet the girl’s references were impeccable and little Michael Jnr had taken to her so well. Plus, the nanny talked about her boyfriend all of the time, hell, they’d even had girly evenings discussing the intricacies and difficulties of men over too much wine. Little did the mother know, they’d been discussing the exact same man.  Her husband and the nanny ran away together 3 months later.

4. The one who checked into the gym on Foursquare. When she was meant to be watching their 14 month old.

Social media is both a help and a hindrance. In this case, it helped this couple realise that the nanny they believed was looking after their 14 month old son was actually at the gym after checking in there, 4 days in a row via social media. She was, after some investigation, leaving the child in another nanny’s care.

5. The one that thought that safety was overrated.

“I once had a brand new nanny take my kids to her house to go swimming, in her car, with no car seats or life jackets – without telling me! My kids were 3 and 5 and they couldn’t swim. That was her first and last day.”

These are clearly horror and worst case scenarios. Nannies are generally beautiful, generous people but it is so very interesting to see how, when they aren’t carefully selected, it can go so wrong.

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