DIY Light Therapy & How To Fake Tan Flawlessly.

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Summer is on the way which means it’s time to get rid of the moon tan!  So, Kelly and Leigh are giving you all the tips to make sure you don’t end up looking like a streaky Oompa Loompa.
“No fake tan is foolproof,” says Leigh.  “This is my suggestion.  The day before tanning you do your hair removal…and exfoliate.”
“Don’t use a scrub because most scrubs are oil based.  It’s going to act as a barrier and your tan’s not going to get in.”
“Instead, I used the $3 body mits and my body wash and I scrub, scrub, scrub.”
“When you apply…you want to be dry and cold because you want your pores to be closed.  Otherwise, you’ll get the little dots in your legs where you’ve shaved,” said Leigh.
Plus they tell you whether DIY light therapy is worth it.
“I had a hormonal break out when I was trying it and I did find it quite effective,” says Leigh.
“But in my personal opinion I don’t think at home LED is as effective as going to a salon and having Omnilux…but an Omnilux machine is $40,000.”
And in our Spendy/ Savey segment, Kelly talks about why she’s a fan of multi-masking.

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