13 thoughts that go through your head during your child's tantrum.

This too shall pass.

Ah, the tantrum, an oft-discussed and rather tricky aspect of parenting young children. Ranging from mild to feral and triggered by events both minor and major, they certainly keep life interesting. Most of us are pretty familiar with how tantrums go down. The bell curve of escalation and gradual settling. The squashed, red faces and angry tears. And the exhausted cuddles afterwards.

If you’re someone who manages to approach the tanty with zen-like prowess, I applaud you and would love to know your secrets. But, if you’re anything like me (prone to over-analysis) then your thought process during a meltdown might look a little something like this:

1. And he’s on the ground. Excellent. Away from sharp objects? Check. Safe to proceed to full meltdown mode? Check.

2. Okay, am I supposed to be ignoring this tantrum? I’m sure I read something online last week about the fact that we shouldn’t be ignoring them, instead showing compassion and empathy when they’re this distressed. Sounds good in theory. Not easy to do when you’re being swiped at. But here it goes…

"Okay, am I supposed to be ignoring this tantrum?" (Image via iStock)

3. Why, oh why did I think it was a good idea to just pop down to the shops so close to nap time? Big mistake. Huge.

4. What are you looking at? Yes, my child is having a meltdown. Move along. Nothing to see here.

5. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. Any idea when?

6. He’s probably hungry. I know I go all HULK-SMASH when I’m hungry. Maybe there’s a muesli bar at the bottom of my bag. Why can’t I be one of those mothers who carries around freshly-cut fruit in Tupperware containers. Why?! I’m going to start doing that. Tomorrow. I just need Tupperware. And fruit.


7. Oh thank you kind lady for picking up the shoe I didn’t know my son had kicked off. And bless you for the “I’ve been there smile.” They grow out of it by the time they're teenagers right?

"I know I'm not meant to laugh, but he looks like he’s making snow angels with his arms and legs right now on the shopping centre floor." (Image via iStock)

8. I should have just bought him the Hot Wheels car that started this. It was only $2. We could go back and get it now. $2 and problem solved. But then I’m just reinforcing the behaviour aren't I? And we're not supposed to do that, (Psych 101). Bribery is so effective though…

9. I know I'm not meant to laugh, but he looks like he’s making snow angels with his arms and legs right now on the shopping centre floor. Would it be wrong to take a photo? How inappropriate. Of course it would. Honestly.

10. What am I doing wrong? Am I not paying him enough attention. Is he not getting enough sleep? Is he having too much sugar?

11. Oh get a grip. It’s normal behaviour. Completely normal. Stop overthinking. Why do you have to overthink everything? Be mindful. Be in the moment. BE PRESENT.

12. Okay, I think we're calm. He’s going in for the cuddle.

13. Wine. I need wine.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? What else would you add?

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