The one wedding task guaranteed to send normally sane women totally bonkers.

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This week I came across an article with the genius headline, ‘Choosing Your Wedding Colors is the Gateway Drug to Insanity,’ to which I clicked immediately because a) I love a gateway drug reference and b) truer words have never been spoken.

I’m no Elizabeth Taylor as I’ve only walked down the aisle once, but in my now vast experience I can say this to be true.


Because the most stressful wedding decision is not the dress, the flowers, the stationery, or the venue because ALL of those decisions rest on just one thing:

The Wedding Colours.

Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding is like giving birth; everyone is dying to know what you’re having and you just hope to get out of the experience alive.

For the uninitiated, choosing the Wedding Colours is “one of the most important decisions” and “should enhance your celebration, reflect your personality and tie all the elements of your day together.”

It should consist of at least two colours, but no more than three. That’s one main colour and two accent shades.

(Sorry if you were planning a rainbow-themed wedding.)

I failed so miserably at the task that I picked the only three shades on this entire planet that aren’t actually colours: white, silver and black.

Looking back, I’m not sure what I was thinking. I mean, sure, I wanted something classic that wasn’t going to date and that my grandchildren wouldn’t laugh at in years to come. But maybe I got it all wrong. My guests seemed to have a cracking time but WHAT IF I had a blush or lilac colour palette instead?


And how exactly did I spend so many hours on Pinterest pinning colour schemes yet manage to come up with the very antithesis of one?

After going down several internet rabbit holes, it seems I didn’t take this jam seriously enough.

Choosing the Wedding Colours isn’t about the wedding, it has nothing to do with the groom, it’s about the type of person you are.

And that, according to one grammatically incorrect quiz is a Yellow Bride.

Since the illuminating information that I’m “boisterous yet have a deep passion for traditional board games” didn’t assist in well, anything at all, I’ve put together some handy tips in case you ever get yourself into a Wedding Colour pickle. You’re welcome, just a mention in your wedding day speech is all the thanks I need.

How to choose your Wedding Colours:

1. Make your own Pantone Weddings moodboard, I am not even joking.
2. If people ask ‘What sort of theme you are having?’ reply with ‘Princesses and Pirates’ that way you won’t be swayed by other’s judgement and it’s an effective way to cut down your guest list.
3. Consult a (no doubt) reputable colour theorist.
4. If none of the bridesmaids like the colour you’ve chosen, feel free to quote this: “A bride must remember, she can ask her bridesmaids for feedback about what her bridesmaids would like to wear, but in the end it is her decision.” Or in other words suck it up.

On a more serious note, WikiHow have a nine step tutorial on picking your wedding colours if you’re interested in that kind of thing. And if you’ve read this far, you probably are.

So, ‘Wedding Colours’ a total crock or necessary evil? If you’re married what colour/s did you choose? 


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