How old is Lindsay Lohan? Come on. Guess.

blohangorgeous.jpg Here she is at a party to celebrate her birthday at the weekend. She was turning…….

That’s sad. I started following Lindsay on Twitter recently after she posted this photo:



I follow hardly any celebrities anymore because, well, I’m still scarred by Demi and Ashton and Diddy and John Mayer and their fairly brainless (and unrelenting) garbage (as opposed to, you know, my Pulitzer Prize winning Twitter haiku).
Frankly, I find following journalists, news organisations a few friends and mamamia regular commenters far more entertaining. There’s a story about all that here if you’re interested.

But I’m still hanging in there for a little while longer with Lindsay and her sometime girlfriend Samantha Ronson who – bizarrely – seem to talk to each other via Twitter in front of hundreds of thousands of people (interestingly, Samantha has over 600K followers, Lindsay – who Tweets under the name sevinnyne6126 – around 126K, maybe because she’s harder to find).
Anyway. What was my point? I think that Lindsay is a car crash. Again. And I’m about ready to look away. Again.

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