How often do you vacuum your floors?

A new study into the cleaning habits of Australians commissioned by robotic vacuum cleaning company Robomaid, has found that we are doing everything we can to avoid vacuuming. In fact it goes as far as to say we’d even prefer to skip a meal, clean up dog poo or run 10kms!

According to the research about 45% of respondents deliberately vacuum around furniture knowing there is dust building up underneath.   Apparently they also say there’s no better place to hide all the mess than right under the bed with one in four survey participants saying they don’t vacuum underneath the bed for months at a time and 11 per cent leaving it for years.

I clearly wasn’t included in the stats because I would have skewed them so badly they would have had to find a new group – I am a fastidious vacuumer.

Firstly I can see the difference it makes and I do love a cleaning job that shows immediate results and the other things is that I love the smell of freshly vacuumed carpets. Strange? Me? Maybe.

But I guess if I had to be completely honest I could not remember the last time I vacuumed under my bed.  I am not even sure that my vacuum cleaner fits under my bed so I guess that answers that question.

How often do you vacuum your floors and do you ever vacuum under the bed?

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