How much is Katie Holmes getting?

Anyone who may have thought money was a motive behind Katie Holmes' filing for divorce has been officially proven wrong.

Only five days after her divorce from Tom Cruise was finalised, new information has come out detailing just how much the former Dawson's Creek star will make. Somewhat surprisingly, it's not that much.

TMZ reports that Holmes will receive $400,000 a year from the Jack Reacher star — and all of that is going to their 6-year-old daughter Suri. Holmes herself isn't entitled to any of the money as per their prenuptial agreement. Cruise, 50, will continue to pay Holmes — who has primary custody of Suri — for the next 12 years until their daughter turns 18.

When calculated, that amounts to $4.8 million dollars in total, or somewhere around $33,333 a month. That money is meant to pay for Suri's education, health expenses and anything else she might need before she becomes a legal adult. No wonder Holmes had no qualms about enrolling Suri in a Catholic school!

Though $4.8 million might seem like a lot of money, it's actually a relatively small amount when compared to other celebrity divorce settlements. Cruise reportedly has $250 million in the bank thanks to his long successful career, and that number will likely continue to grow as his upcoming blockbuster films such as Jack Reacher and Oblivion hit theaters. Holmes, on the other hand, is doing her best to work her way back into the Hollywood spotlight, but she doesn't make nearly as much in her projects as her ex-husband does.

What we're really interested to find out is what exactly caused Cruise and Holmes, 33, to speed through their divorce settlement in less than two months. (We're partial to the ridiculous theory that Holmes caught Cruise in bed with David Beckham, but that's just because it's so scandalous!)

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