How 24yo Lauren Bullen travels the world in luxury without spending a single cent.

If I was to pack my stuff, and set off to explore the globe tomorrow, it’d likely cost me a gazillion dollars, my liver and my dignity.

That’s because I’m a mere muggle, and apparently 24-year-old Aussie Lauren Bullen is not.

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Actually Bullen, who is more widely recognised by her blogging name ‘Gypsea-Lust’, gets paid a tidy six-figure salary to travel the world in luxury, as she told Cosmopolitan earlier this year.

Even better – she does so with partner of a year, 26-year-old Jack Morris (@doyoutravel), by her side. (I can only assume both Lauren and Jack are some form of wizards, although I do not have any actual proof of this.)

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With a combined following of 3.6 million people, the duo have visited Abu Dhabi, Kenya, the US, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Greece… just this year alone.

Yep. Meanwhile, I haven’t ventured much further than the outskirts of Melbourne in about six months. Awesome.

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So, how exactly do Lauren and Jack earn so much coin while living like modern day royalty?

It’s simple, really. They take beautiful photos in the beautiful places they are invited to stay at, add an innocuous geotag or hashtag here and there, and get paid generously to do so.

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The dream all kicked off for Queenslander Lauren when she was hired by a tourism board in Cairns as a photographer. Gradually, as she began posting more on Instagram and gained a healthy following, she was picked up by other companies, and departed her conventional job to become a full-time influencer.


She fell in love with Jack when they met on a branded job in Fiji.

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“We were both doing the same thing, and he asked me if I wanted to come to Bali and hang out after the Fiji job, which I thought would be fun,” Lauren told the publication. “We could just keep doing what we were doing, taking pictures and creating content and stuff.”

They’ve learned a pretty lucrative lesson: travelling photos when you’re a loved-up couple > travelling photos when you’re riding solo.

In fact, the pair don’t post a single photo for less AU$4000… holy banana hammock.

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The most they’ve ever been paid for a single photo? $12,000 for Jack (who has 2.2 million followers and counting), and $10,000 for Lauren (1.4 million followers).

In other news, I legitimately cannot feel my face right now.

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While Lauren and Jack do admit they take their snaps on exxy cameras, and edit the photos on professional programs, they do try to keep their social media feeds as authentic as possible.

“Both of us started out doing this purely by having fun, doing what we want to do,” Jack said. “And I think that really resonates.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be under my doona eating two minute noodles.