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Prepare yourself for the Internet's biggest ever guilt trip.


Prepare yourselves for a guilt trip. Thanks to a new app you can now guesstimate how many times you will see your parents before they die.

You enter your parents’ location, their ages, and how often you see them at the subtly-titled See Your Folks website and it lets you know just how much you are FAILING AT BEING A GOOD CHILD.

The project was created in under 24 hours and the website’s creators say: “We believe that increasing awareness of death can help us to make the most of our lives. The right kind of reminders can help us to focus on what matters, and perhaps make us better people.”

Or you could take it as a passive aggressive way of saying, ‘Stop being a selfish brat and go see your parents.’

And a hot tip once you’ll found out your score: It’s probably best not to text your mum and say “I’m only going to see you 349 times before you die!” with no other explanation as one of the Mamamia editorial team found out yesterday. Not because your mother will be devastated but because you may not get the answer you were looking for which was, “Will I get see your sister more?”

What was your score?