This diagram of the female reproductive system is practically perfect in every way.


Ever wondered what goes on inside you during your period? Like, the actual, medical explanation of what happens to a lady’s lady parts during her tough lady times?

I’m here to help.

Allow me to explain the complex process of menstruation, via this detailed and informative GIF that’s been making its way around the interwebs because of its startling accuracy:

First of all, the female reproductive system is quite clearly a demonic laser beam shooting goat in disguise. That’s not up for any kind of verifiable discussion.

When a female is menstruating, the first thing she will notice is the rapid growth of sharp, jagged teeth in the penis-shaped vagina hole that is the demonic goat’s mouth. These teeth will grow in a horizontal fashion, thus causing immense pain.

Next, the demonic goat slowly lowers its eyes, which are actually hidden sophisticated laser beam weapons, because nature is clever that way. The rapid-fire shooting begins almost immediately.

Finally, the pressure from a concentrated build-up of red liquid causes a spectacular explosion not dissimilar to a firework, followed by a torrential gushing, strong enough to burst past the teeth and into the unknown.

This is evolution, people. After millions of years spent refining the tiniest details, Mother Nature has ensured that every piece of the complex puzzle sits perfectly in place. Every demonic laser beam shooting goat is a work of breathtaking art.

To be a woman is a magical thing.

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