How being 'busy' became a competition.



Have you noticed recently there seems to be a busy-off happening?

Everyone is so busy it’s almost shameful to say, ‘Nope, got absolutely zero on that day.’

Because, if you admit to having a spare hour or so, someone might ask you to do something with it. You’d be nuts to let on. So the name of the game is to listen carefully to the busy cries of others, then raise it a notch. The devil might be find work for idle hands but I bet he’d struggle for volunteers.

Nowhere is this more evident than in junior sport circles. It seems everyone wants their kid to have the opportunity to play but umpires, manager and coaches are thin on the playing field. Here’s an example:

Under 7 soccer team needs a manager. Duties include emailing match times, organizing bib-laundering roster. The shout goes out and the replies come in.

To: Barracudas Under 7s
From: Libby Pohio
Re: Manager

Hi everyone! Unfortunately due to increasing commitments and house renovations neither Greg nor I will be able to take on managerial duties this year. I’m sure the season will be great! Jaxon can’t wait for kick off!!!! Cheers, Libby.

To: Barracudas Under 7s
From: The Flynn Family
Re: Manager

Hi team! Sorry to say that I can’t help with the team either. Like Libby and Greg, we too are renovating. Plus, I’m starting my Masters and Greg is training for Kokoda! On top of all that, Imogen and Rhiannon are both playing rep hockey on Saturdays. Talk about crazy! All the best,Tracey.

To: Barracudas Under 7s
From: Jacqui Hobson-Taylor
Re: Manager

Hi all. So disappointed we can’t help but as you might have heard, Simon’s new job will be taking him to the mines three weeks out of four. We will have my mother with us but recent eye surgery means she can’t drive. Toby is doing ‘Lil’ Tennis’ as well as soccer so I cannot guarantee being on the sidelines on time every week. Plus, we will be starting renovations at the end of March. Happy to help with oranges!!! Regards, Jacqui.

To: Barracudas Under 7s
From: Andrew Rateri
Re: Manager

Sorry to say I won’t be able to manage the boy’s team (hopefully next year). Work commitments mean I won’t be able to give the rosters the sort of attention they need and I’d hate to let the side down. There’s a fair chance as well we’ll be taking the family away for the last three weeks of the season – my father in New Zealand is turning 70 and if we go for the party we might as well do a bit of touring while we’re there! As if that wasn’t enough, excavation for the pool and rumpus room will start any day, weather permitting and that will keep us out of trouble. I’ve got a feeling this year is going to be a big one for our Under 7 Barracudas! PS Jacqui have you got the name of that plasterer you mentioned when we spoke on sign-on day? Cheers, Andrew

So what happens? Normally, there’s a stand off until the person who’s done in it the past two seasons sticks up her hand yet again. Everyone knows she will; it’s only a matter of time.

Is that person less busy? More generous? Or is she a mug?

How busy are you? Do you think life has turned into a busy-off?