House Rules "baddies" Brooke & Grant lash out at online bullies.

If someone gives you the nickname “Tassie Devil” you know you’re in for a rough ride.

For House Rules contestant Brooke Strong this label was used purposefully and often…and it wasn’t just because they’re from Tasmania.

Brooke and Grant are the first to be eliminated

“I do have a strong personality but people need to remember you are under pressure and you don’t always think as clearly,” she says.

“You react to things differently and it’s a competition and anyone in that situation — if they’re a stubborn, driven person — then that comes to the fore. But I’m not heartless — I have a big heart.”

Brooke and husband Grant were presented as the most hated couple on the show, controversially giving low scores to the other contestants in hopes they could stay in the competition.

Apparently, not everyone was a fan of their strategy.

“Social media is going off (on us) but we’re staying off it because people are pretty horrible and it’s just bullying,” Brooke says.

“People who know us, know we went in there to play the game and they know (what’s in) our hearts and that’s all that matters to us.”

If looks could kill...

The Huonville couple went out on a high with their highest ever tally of 23 for their work on Bomber and Mel’s Adelaide house. Awarding them an eight out of 10, judge Wendy Moore said: “This is by far your best work yet.”

Fellow judge Joe Snell gave them a seven, Bomber and Mel gave them an eight and they placed second for the week, one point behind Adam and Lisa on 24.

But the strong showing wasn’t enough to save them from elimination, with their overall score of 91, six points behind the next lowest scoring couple, Bomber and Mel, and 16 points behind leaders Carole and Russell on 107.

Having their house renovated has meant that their family of 9 now has room to move and live comfortably.

That's why, despite the haters, Brooke has not regrets.

“For the house we got out of it, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat,” she says.

Did you like Brooke and Grant? Who is your favourite couple?

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