If you're going to buy lipstick for a woman in your life, make it this one.

An ‘Orgasm’ in the morning, some ‘Deep Throat’ during the day, and a touch up of ‘Fetish’ before dinner.

Before you clutch your pearls in anger, no this isn’t my sex diary (ha!) but rather a makeup routine many women will be familiar with.

You see, when it comes to naming makeup products the inspiration is often sex-related. ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Deep Throat’ are two of Nars’ topselling blush colours, so-named because they are designed to mimic the “flush” one gets after a heated romp. ‘Fetish’ is a deep, dark matte red from Mac’s lipstick collection.

Even 19-year-old Kylie Jenner’s latest range of blushes include the shades ‘Barely Legal’ and ‘Virginity’.

It’s for this reason that Hourglass’ new range of lipsticks is so refreshing. Called ‘Girl’, the collection is designed to be an empowering one.

With colours ranging from soft nudes to brick red, the lipsticks carry names like Creator, Visionary, Achiever, Icon, Inventor and Lover.


The idea is to bring women together to celebrate and empower, rather than compete. Yes, they're just names (I'm not totally naive) but there's something quite powerful about stepping out the door wearing the deep plum of 'Warrior'.

It's also the perfect solution for the woman who's maybe a little fed up with putting x-rated sex acts on her lips.

That's not to say a lipstick named 'Masochist' (A dark berry red from Jeffree Starr) can't be empowering - you do you - but it certainly makes the conversation a little less awkward should a colleague or grandparent inquire as to what shade you're wearing.

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While it may have been the names that initially drew me to this Hourglass range, the products themselves are bloody good too.

Available at Mecca, at $46 they are by no means cheap — but should you be willing to hand over your hard-earned dollars, you won't be disappointed.

The lipsticks are in 'stylo' form - kind of like a crayon - which make them super easy to apply on the go. I will always use a lipstick liner to prevent bleeding, but the pointed tip of these means it's not always necessary.


My already well-loved 'Idealist'. Image: Brittany Stewart

Oh, and they're soft as (shea) butter to apply.

No, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or makeup by its compact, but they also look incredibly sleek too, with shiny yet simple brown and gold packaging. The wind-up feature also means you get more product than you expect.

Because surely new lippy is an excuse to pout? Image: Brittany Stewart

My favourites are Idealist (my perfect nude), Visionary (a delightful brick red) and Lover (the perfect orange-red blend).

If you're going to treat your daughter/mother/sister/friend or yourself to a lipstick, make it this one.

Do you have a favourite lipstick? Tell us in the comments.

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