The hotel secrets you'd probably rather not know.

Using the confessions app Whisper, anonymous hotel workers have shared the industry’s most shameful secrets.

Hotel maids, restaurant staff, and front desk clerks have revealed how they get revenge on rude guests, and how poor their cleaning habits can really be.

One housekeeping employee confessed, “I’m a maid at a hotel and sometimes when I’m lazy, I reuse the sheets on the bed and make them look nice. I always feel bad for the next people…#oops”.

#Oops, indeed.

Another shared, “I work at a hotel and sometimes I don’t strip the beds and put on new sheets, I just remake the bed and take off the hairs with a lint roller. Cuts my time in half on cleaning the rooms”.

Stop dancing and clean my room.

Taking shortcuts was a common theme among those who shared their secrets. One user defended their cleanliness, however, sharing, “I work at a hotel…and yes, we do change ALL the sheets and towels”.


However, the same user went on to say, “But unfortunately the blankets almost never get washed”.


What many of us want to know is: how do we get a free room upgrade? Well, it sounds like simply being nice can go a long way.

One hotel worker admitted, “If you’re nice I might give you an upgrade or go up and beyond my normal duties, but if you’re rude it is what it is or I’ll rip you off”. This was corroborated by another anonymous front desk clerk, who said, “When the guests are rude to me, I put them in the worst room possible”.

It’s no surprise that hotel employees hate us. We all act like weirdos when we’re not in our own homes. Post continues after video.

Video via TenPlay

Another hotel employee admitted to replacing obnoxious guests’ sheets with those used by ‘repulsive’ customers.

“I work at a hotel, and when people are being obnoxious late at night, we replace their sheets with the most repulsive person’s sheets”.

Of course, there are also some hotels that are just disgusting in general. One hotel employee confessed, “I work in the most disgusting hotel I’ve ever seen. Dead bugs everywhere on a daily basis. I think the building should be demolished. But I’m too broke to leave yet”.

These confessions are more terrifying than all those horror hotel movies.

But what is truly shocking is that these workers admitted to messing with our food.

“I work at a hotel and sometimes work room service. We never bring or buy lunch, because we pick off of the plates before they go up”.

And to the question we’ve always wanted to know, we finally got a response: “I work at a hotel. Yes, I can hear you having sex”.