The wedding RSVP guaranteed to infuriate your guests.

Are you brave enough to send it?

Weddings are beautiful, but they’re ridiculously painful to plan. There’s the venue, reception, cake, cars, dress… The list goes on and on. And let’s not forget perhaps one of the most important things on the wedding planning list.

The invitations.

You know how they typically go. “Mr and Mrs Yadda Yadda request the pleasure of your company on the occasion of marriage of Blah and Blah.”

Sometimes it would just be easier if you could write what your REALLY want to. Will you be coming (come on tell… me the truth), are you going to give a decent or crappy gift and do you have any legitimate meal requirements because we know you’re not actually gluten intolerant.

Well halleluiah, now you can. May we present to you, the best wedding invitation of all time:

Invitation via Imgur.

We love a bride and groom that get straight to the point. We're not sure if the guests would say the same though...

Would you send this sort of wedding invitation to your guests?

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