These honest company slogans are worryingly accurate.

‘Just Do it.’

‘Eat Fresh.’

‘Think Different.’

There’s nothing quite like a good slogan. But, while we are faced with plenty of good slogans, it is safe to admit that there is no such thing as an accurate slogan.

To inject some transparency back into the world of advertising, a legend on the interwebs has revamped some of the most well known company logos to reflect what we’re all really thinking.

And well, they’re pretty damn accurate.

Images via imgur. Click the link to see the rest.

Aparna Balakumar is an intern at Mamamia who hopes to be a professional journalist one day. She will soon be studying Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. Visit Aparna’s blog or follow her musings on twitter here.

Can you think of any more honest company slogans?

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