Holidays with kids. Think you've seen it all? Think again.

The family holiday.

It’s the event you look forward to every year. You pack the car like you’re playing some sort of Giant Ninja Tetris game. You check and then double check and then triple check that the cat hasn’t been locked inside and somehow you ALWAYS end up going back to free kitty from the clutches of the dead locked doors. You clamber in, the kids fight over who gets to sit where, you solve every ‘are we there’ yet issue by hastily producing an i device of some sort, and then…

You arrive. Holiday bliss. Sandy beaches. Sunny weather. Calming bush walks.

Yeah right. We all know that as much fun as holidays with kids gets – there is always something that goes wrong when kids are in the mix. Today our wonderful panel share some of their favourite family holiday disasters. Our favourite part of these stories, though? The fact that such a wonderful time was had by all, despite the drama.

Take a look.

The Little Things That Are Big To You series is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Holiday Inn. Like us, they understand that in life – it’s often the little things that are the most memorable and important.

Over to you. We’d love to hear your stories about holidays with kids? What are your tips to have a happy family holiday?

At Holiday Inn we like to think that we help create great memories for the right reasons. Holiday Inn is constantly evolving to ensure that every aspect of your stay makes you feel relaxed and cared for. We know the little things are big to you.

That’s why kids always eat and stay free – just one of the small things we do to make a big difference to our guests. We also give you a choice of soft or firm pillows, and a refreshing, spacious shower experience.

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