Would you go this far to make sure you were marrying the right person?

Because an enormous number of people are.

We know more about our partners in the day and age than we ever did before. A web search is only a click away and given the amount of information shared on sites like Facebook, falling down a rabbit hole or ex-partners, past conversations and questionable pictures isn’t all that hard.

Which is why the latest trend facing couples before they decide to tie the knot comes as such a big surprise.

According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, a large number of people are hiring private investigators to look into the backgrounds of their fiancé to help them decide if they should tie the knot.

Would you do it to make sure you were making the right choice?

The report states, “Investigators across the nation say business has boomed in recent years from clients who want their sweethearts investigated for potentially deal-breaking habits and secrets.”

One private eye told the Journal that the reason for this is that people are getting pieces of information from social media, but not enough to give them the whole picture.

So they want more. “What they are getting is just enough information to make them curious,” they said. Enter a private investigator.

But availability of information isn’t the only thing causing people to go to such drastic lengths. Apparently it is also due to the fact that most of us have more of a past.

Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project says, “In a world where people are taking longer to get married, and accumulating more relationship baggage, I think many adults today are understandably nervous about going ahead with a major relationship commitment or engagement."

"It’s no surprise that people are hiring private detectives or other services to look into their partner’s background," he went on to say.

Would you hire a private investigator to check our your partner's past?

And if they get through all of the vigorous testing, maybe you can purchase one of these... 

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