Celeb news: Hilary Duff tweets another baby pic.

Yesterday Hilary Duff tweeted the “first picture” of her two-week-old son, Luca Cruz. It was a picture of his tiny little feet. Today she’s tweeted another – more revealing – picture. Spoiler alert…. he’s a cutie.

Check it out:

Luca Cruz Comrie

The 24 year old gave birth to her son on March 20. She’s married to NHL (ice hockey) player Mike Comrie.

Here’s what she tweeted yesterday:

Here's the picture Hilary Duff tweeted.

In the days after Luca was born, she was also tweeting about her beautiful baby boy.

Tweeted a few days after her baby was born.

Here’s Hilary on the Ellen Show late last year talking about her pregnancy and revealing the sex of her baby.

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