Hilary Duff got shamed for sharing a racy Instagram photo.

People had a lot to say about it.

Another photo has been posted to Instagram by a celebrity mum. And a lot of people have a strong opinion about it. Another celebrity mum to add to the pile of mummy shaming and bullying over social media.


Hilary Duff posted a photo to her Instagram which left little to the imagination. “Hey #moms #westillgotit #loveyourbod,” she captioned the image.

The photo. Image via @hilaryduff Instagram.

In what seemed to be an attempt at celebrating women's bodies post birth, many people didn't see it as a celebration of anything. Many fans took to social media to show their outrage at the offending image.

From the 'lack of modesty' to being accused of putting herself on the pile of celebrities who are posting selfies in their underwear, many of Duff's followers were not happy with her choice in photo.

Others however appreciated what she was trying to express and had a more 'you go girl' attitude in their comments.

Either way you look at it, you have to admit that she's looking great  and very healthy for a new mum. She seems to me nailing the motherhood role, and hey - maybe we should let her post a selfie if she wants to. No judgement needed.

But sadly, in the words of Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate I guess.

What do you think of the half-naked selfies that many celebrities are posting?

CLICK THROUGH to see Hilary Duff and her gorgeous son Luca...

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