Highlights from the week that was.


Keeping track of all the news in the week that was, is almost as hard as keeping focused on a Friday afternoon. So we decided to try and solve both those problems for you: with a Friday arvo highlight reel of all the bits you need to know.


1. A whole lotta boats have been arriving on Aussie shores… and the government doesn’t want to turn them back!

It’s Fleet Week you guys – the centenary of the first Royal Australian Navy Fleet’s arrival in Sydney on October 4, 1913. That means alllllll the boats are cruising into Sydney Harbour for a massive celebration, and every woman in the city is imagining it will be like that episode of Sex and the City where all the sailors show up in New York.


But remember: PRINCE HARRY IS HERE AND HE IS THE ULTIMATE PRIZE. Catch him if you can!

2. Julia Gillard gave her first interview since being ousted, and this is how she handled it:


Click here to read the best 11 quotes from the night.

3. AFL player Buddy Franklin moved from the Hawthorn Hawks to the Sydney Swans for 10 million bucks. A lot of people were throwing around words like ‘loyalty’ and ‘traitor’ but he was all like “I can’t hear you because TEN MILLION BUCKS.”

4. Tony Abbott proved he is a political maverick by coming up with a brilliant way to avoid tough questions: RUN.


1. Breaking Bad was off air for ONE DAY and the entire US Government shut down.

Well, actually, there was a government shut down but it wasn’t because of Breaking Bad, it was because all the peeps in US politics can’t agree on Obamacare. People are out of jobs and kids can’t get the treatment they need in public hospitals, but all anyone really cares about is the fact they HAD TO TURN OFF THE 24-HOUR PANDA CAM AT THE NATIONAL ZOO.



2. Seriously though, Breaking Bad did end and the Internet collectively wept.

Walter White and Jesse fell in love and ran off together with all their money to continue their meth business from Bermuda. JK! They moved to Thailand.

I love you Walt. I love you too Jesse. BIFFLS 4EVA

3. The US treasury paid a man $500 for scooping through poo. Wayne Kinkell’s dog had some serious money cravings, so munched down on $500 of Wayne’s hard-earned cash.

Wayne then proceeded to spend the next five months going through every one of the dog’s poops to find scraps of money, glued them back together and sent them to the US treasury. Obviously you really want to know what a digested hundred dollar bill looks like, so here you go:



The treasury sent him a cheque for his efforts. The bills were immediately put back into circulation.


1. Miley Cyrus hooked up with photograper (and noted pervert) Terry Richardson because EDGY. Check out the EDGY/CRAZY/RISQUE pics here. Miley is edgy now. Edgy.


2. Chloe won the internet this week. Hard.

Chloe’s parents decided to film her and her older sister as they told them they were going to Disneyland. Chloe’s older sister had an excitement meltdown.

Chloe did not. Her unimpressed reaction has made her an internet sensation:


Here’s the video:

3. This parody Sex and the City Twitter account is the best of all the twitter accounts (and made us wish a SATC 3 movie was actually happening:



4. J’amie: Private School Girl IS HAPPENING. The trailer broke the brain of anyone who is awesome:

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