"It’s changed my life": Everyone is losing their minds over a $3 Heros Chiropody foot sponge.

Everyone knows foot care is the most non-exciting part of beauty. Boring as hell.

Soz, but it's true.

So, you can only imagine our surprise when we found out the trendiest thing going in beauty right now is a FOOT SPONGE.

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Video via Mamamia.

Because thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, every now and then we encounter a product that swings a lil bit of jazz and excitement into something as mundane as scrubbing the dead skin and callouses off the bottom of your feet. 

Pretty amazing, right?

We're talking about Heros Chiropody Sponge - a delightfully old-school beauty product that's soaked up an insane amount of attention for being Really Bloody Good at making your feet nice and smooth. 

We love a success story!

Image: Heros Chiropody Sponge


Available at Chemist Warehouse, the sponge has received thousands of raving reviews online after appearing in a TikTok video posted by Aussie beauty blogger Luxe and Lemonade.

"This is the $3 buy from Chemist Warehouse you didn't know you needed," she said. 

And it is. It really is.

Check out the clip below: 


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Cue: the Internet absolutely s**ting itself.

One review on Chemist Warehouse read: "I have had such dry scaly feet for ages. Seen this on TikTok [and] thought I'd try it. Leaves my feet feeling amazing and my feet are so smooth and shiny! Finally, a product that works!"

Smooth AND shiny? Woah.

Another review said, "Tried this today. Will never use anything else. I've always had issues with my dry heels and after one use the difference is incredible!"

The budget find has even been dubbed "revolutionary" and the "best $3 anyone will spend" by people (read: legends) in our You Beauty Facebook community.

One Youbie even said, "One of the best savey Youbie recommendations." Um, NO BIGGIE.

Image: Giphy

Another said, "It’s changed my life."


*Starts car*.

What does Heros Chiropody Sponge actually do?

Umm... how awkward. Did you read anything we just wrote? Jokes, jokes - we know you're skimming!

Anyway, the Heros sponge basically promises to remove painful corns, callouses and rough skin on your feet through one gentle treatment. It's kiiiiind of like a pumice stone, only supposedly way better (light! But hard! Actually does the job!).

The site says it can also be used on the palms of your hands to remove callouses (from swinging on the monkey bars at lunch) and stains (like ink, paint, tar, etc). It can even be used to remove rough skin from elbows or knees. It cannot be used on toast for breakfast.

How do you use Heros Chiropody Sponge?

Alrighty. If you watched the TikTok video above, you probably noticed there was a little bit more to it then just scratching the s**t outta your feet. 

To use the sponge, you need to soak your feet and the sponge in warm water (a few minutes will do). 

Next, you're supposed to kinda 'grate' the sponge against a bar of soap (any soap is fine) rub the sponge gently but firmly against the corn, callous or horny skin (*giggles*).

Image: TikTok @luxeandlemonade

The best part? It's supposed to last for months, which is just a bonus, really.

Feature image: TikTok; luxeandlemonade

Have you ever tried this magical foot sponge before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.