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How this little hero saved his granny

Worried about how much time your kids spend playing video games? This little hero will make you feel a whole lot better about it. He used the skills he learned while playing Mario Kart to save his great-grandmother's life.

Little hero Gryffin Sanders' great-grandmother, Darlene Nestor, collapsed over the steering wheel of her four-wheel drive while driving at 100km per hour.

The 10-year-old saved their lives when he grabbed the wheel after his 74-year-old great-grandmother passed out mid-sentence.

"My first thought was actually, is this a test or what?" he told his local TV station in Colorado. "My heart was thumping. I tried to wake her up at first. Then, I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch."

The car was veering into oncoming traffic when Gryffin took control, but he managed to guide the car into a ditch. A passerby came to their assistance and called emergency services. Gryffin's grandmother was airlifted to a nearby hospital and is believed to have suffered a heart attack.

"It was all him and he made a very wise decision at a very critical moment and I couldn't be a prouder father," his father Sean told 9News. "The car could have rolled. There could've been, you know, a travesty of an injury or even possibly a fatality. The good news is, we will never have to know."

Hero Gryffin has been awarded a medal for his bravery.

Are there are any surprising skills your kids have learnt from video games ? Do you worry if they are good or bad?