Donald Trump: Here is what a "10" really looks like.

It’s what a ’10’ really looks like.

Heidi Klum is the tip of a very deep icerbeg.

Donald Trump is not exactly known for being a good guy.

In fact, he’s mostly known for being a bit of an arsehole.

This was very evident when he said in a interview with New York Times (yes, the New York Times) this week, “Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

Good guy, that Donald.

Heidi responded with a delightful video that confirmed that she is wonderful and that Trump is a fool.

Of course like many people, we believe that Heidi is an absolute 10.

She’s a successful business woman, and a mother of four. She has supported many different charities, helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and has established many different business ventures to support other women.

The perfect 10, really.

Just like these women. Just a few of our picks for Donald’s Perfect 10 club.

Tina Fey

Fey has worked with Autism Speaks for a number of years. She has also supported Mercy Corps, an organisation that “responds immediately to meet urgent needs for food, water and shelter, and stay beyond the emergency to partner with communities for their long-term recovery.”

She is also a strong, hilarious woman who has broken into a male-dominated industry.

Tina Fey: 10.

Heidi Klum 10


Hillary Clinton

It would be easier to list the things Hillary doesn’t do.

Actually, no it wouldn’t, she does everything.

That whole Secretary of State thing. Education. Equality. Etc. Etc. Etc. She is also, actually, running for the Presidency of the United States.


Heidi Klum 10

Amal Clooney

Clooney is an esteemed lawyer, a lecturer of human rights and a fashion icon (yes, it’s important).

All this makes her a perfect candidate for title of “10”. Take note, Trump.

 Heidi Klum 10


Malala Yousafzai

An obvious choice. Malala has campaigned for women’s rights for years, and was a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

She has also remained defiant and strong in the face of enormous hardship.

10, 10, 10.

Heidi Klum 10

Meryl Streep

The best actor to have ever lived, Streep has been the most nominated for an Oscar more often than any other living actor.

She has also campaigned for equal rights for women.

All the makings of a true 10.

Heidi Klum 10


Rosie Batty

Australian of the Year, Batty has become an important advocate for eradicating domestic violence against women over the last year.

She has shown incredible strength, and incredible perseverance through circumstances that would floor most of us.

A 10 to you, Rosie.

Heidi Klum 10

This list, of course, could go on for a very long time. And whether someone like Donald Trump agrees with it or not is not important.

To be honest, we don’t care what he does.

Just don’t mess with any of our 10s again, OK Donald?

Over to you. Who else do you think is worthy of being a “10′?

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