The best packaged snacks to hoard in your desk drawers and handbags.

Image: Girls (HBO).

Regardless of how fulfilling your main meals are, the Snack Attack Monster has a knack for appearing precisely in your moment of weakness — usually around the 3.04pm mark.

We all know fresh fruit or veggies are among the healthiest snack options around, but it’s not always possible to have a fridge or fruit bowl within reaching distance. Surely, in our highly technical world, refrigerated handbags can’t be too far away… but until that day, we must wait.

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This is where packaged foods that don’t require chilling step up to the plate (or straight into your mouth). It’s always worth having some tasty, yet not absolutely terrible for you, snacks stashed away in your desk drawers or handbag for those times when you desperately need something to nibble on.

Sorry, but fun-sized Mars Bars and chip packets don’t really fit the criteria, so save those for when you really need a treat. Just in case you’re stuck for ideas, we stalked the desk drawers of our entire office to bring you these recommendations:


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