Plus size model Hayley Hasselhoff's 8 tips on how shop for your shape.

Hayley Hasselhoff was in Australia for Fashion Week and the plus-size model, actress and positive body image advocate believes fashion should be accessible to all women, any size. Here she shared her game-changing fashion tips. 

Fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, rejoice!

Designers are rapidly catching on and hearing their audience and are now offering designs in a bevy of sizes, with many brands going up to at least a US size 16. It’s an exciting time for many brands- from Vince Camuto to Michael Kors and even big name fashion houses.

With winter fast approaching, one may find themselves asking that age-old question, What do I wear?

Fear not, there’s a few savvy, simple tips that will have you flawlessly dressing for your curves in no time.

1. Try On Garments

Before groaning and unloading the list of ‘why nots’, let’s go over the benefits of trying on clothing when shopping.

Educated purchases equals smarter spending. Testing out merchandise before buying will hone in on what types of fabrics and silhouettes fit best, which means no time wasted returning clothes – or worse, wasting money on clothes that don’t fit that you don’t return. Dress in lightweight, non-constricting layers and non-fuss footwear on shopping day. This will making dressing room visits speedy and efficient.

2. Buy Multiples of Pieces That Work

Everyone has those few articles of clothing that we swear by. Once you’ve found that perfect fit and style, stick with it and stock up. Many designers will offer their bestsellers in new colour ways season-to-season with little to no style changes. However, it’s a good idea to nab more than one of a favourite item should it be discontinued.


3. Tailored vs. Stretch

When it comes to loungewear, jersey cotton is great, and don’t shy away from fabrics with some spandex. These fabrics will work for day-to-day wear and more often that not, tailored clothing will hold up for longer periods of time versus a ‘one size fits all’ counterpart.

4. Research Brands Online

It can be hard to shop online. Sizing, colour and overall look can vary greatly from a computer screen to your front door. But there are so many great brands to be discovered online, check out City Chic, Nordstrom, ASOS and Simply Be.

5. Accent Your Waist

Look for items that will accentuate the natural waistline. Showing off the actual lines and curves of the body will help define the silhouette, not hide it. For those hesitant to try – start off with a belt to cinch in the waist before graduating to darted apparel.

6. Elongate

This can be achieved through strategic draping (long scarves are a great way to execute the look) and layers. Vertical stripes, solid colors and nude shoes all help create the illusion of a longer torso.

7. Know Your Patterns

Patterns can be a bit tricky, but are most definitely an option for curvy figures. Black backgrounds work best, as a white background will emphasizes width, and go for bold, easy-to-decipher prints over microscopic prints.

8. Have Fun

Fashion is an expression of character and paints the story of your life. It’s fun and freeing to build characters, experiment and play, no matter your age.

Do you ever have trouble finding clothes that suit you? What are your preferred brands? Do you shop online or in store?