Happy 2012. What did you do last night?

It’s safe to say that my new year’s evenings have changed quite dramatically over the last few years. There have been some BIG nights in the past.  Nights of much celebration, probably too much alcohol, dawn homecomings and huge frivolity. I can safely say last night was not one of them.

We went to friends early in the evening, there were more children than adults – we ate good food, walked to a good vantage point to watch the 9pm fireworks and I behaved like the biggest nanna on earth when I saw 14 year old KIDS drinking on the streets.  It took every bit of restraint not to lecture them. If only I had their parent’s numbers….

I think my outrage aged me. It certainly tired me so much that at 10pm I was ready to leave. That’s me – the party animal.

As midnight chimed I was lying in bed with my son sleeping at my side (he had tried so hard to wake up and watch the fireworks on TV) , my husband was lying on the other side of him and my dog was lying on my feet. I couldn’t think of a better way to see the new year in. In fact if all the days of 2012 are spent with the people I love around me – I’ll be a happy woman.

Meanwhile in Melbourne New Year’s Eve ended rather more dramatically for some. reports

Melbourne’s Arts Centre spire has caught fire in a dramatic conclusion to the city’s New Year’s Eve fir

eworks display.

The fire appeared to be caused by a firework that failed to discharge properly during the spectacular show, which was witnessed by more than half a million people.

The area around the Arts Centre was evacuated immediately following the end of the of the fireworks.

If you missed the fireworks in Sydney and you want to watch them – we have them right here

And if you want to see what was happening around the world, well we have that too – we’ll be updating it during the day as the rest of the world catches up to us :-)

How was your night last night? What did you do?

And Happy New Year to every single one of you.