The only four beauty products you'll ever need. (And where to buy them with change for a $50).

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We’ve all been there: out for one or two drinks, and ended the night with hedge jumping and flashing cabbies.

No? Just me then.

Anyway, the point here is that you never know when things are going to progress to an all-nighter and when you’re going to wind up staying at a mate’s place (or if things go really well, a new “mate’s” place. *Wink wink.*)

Now, especially if you find yourself in situation number two with a man friend, its a good idea to keep a couple of essentials in your purse.

There is nothing worse than waking up with panda eyes, half a face on a stranger’s pillow and a mouth that smells like you licked a rat.

Thank me later:

1. Face Wipes:

Pretty obvious I guess, for removing your warpaint. A clean face is a much better look than smudges, caked on concealer and false eyelashes stuck to your forehead in that unforgiving morning light.


Save a few shiny ones by just buying baby wipes instead of make up remover wipes. They do the same thing, cost half as much and can be used to rub out any spilled drinks or makeup marks on your clothes throughout the night without leaving a huge mess. Baby wipes are also good to provide a quick ‘shower’  to freshen up in the morning. Lift arm, rub. Lift other arm, wipe. Shower in a flash, voila!

2. Gum:

By all means, if you’ve got room in that bag for a toothbrush and fang paste then bring them along, but likely, it’s going to be standing room only. So slip in a pack of Wrigleys, you stinky little grub. Everyone will thank you. It’s probably a bit early to use his toothbrush. Don’t be that girl.

3. Concealer:

After a big night, concealer is going to be your saviour. Cover any pesky spots, hide those under-eye bags and look somewhat similar to what you did before the club’s ugly lights came on and you ran like a deer in the headlights. Use your ring finger to pat the product into the skin rather than swiping it on. It will settle better and give you a much nicer coverage.

4. Lipstick:

If you’ve chosen to wear a lippie out the night before, get that puppy multi-tasking. Take a TINY bit of your chosen hue on your finger (probably best to go with reds, oranges and pinks here girls rather than blues and purples-  the look we want it flushed).

Rub into the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards. You might feel like death but you don’t need to look it. (If in fact, you have ended up in the boudoir of a gentleman friend, you may not need to fake this ‘romp in the hay’ look with this trick. I’ll leave that one up to you to decide).

Do you have any tips to add?

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