FLUFF: Zoe Foster Blake gushes about how cute Hamish is during her pregnancy

Look, we’ve been pretty open about wanting best couple ever, Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake, to adopt us.

And we’ve just heard straight from Zo that her funny-man husband Hamish has been a dreamy future dad during her baby-incubating process. Which makes us want to be a part of their little fam more than ever…

“I’ve had beautiful support from Hamish — he’s been so good knowing when I need a massage or help,” she said. “We haven’t done the cot or the nursery yet but I can’t wait to play around with clothes and colours.”

You know that baby’s going to have a sweet pad to grow up in. You just know.

Heavily pregnant Zoe (who is due in 8 weeks) talked about Hamish’s doting ways at the launch of the Trans Borneo Challenge, a fundraising trip that takes adventurers over 900km of Borneo jungle to raise money for orphaned Orangutans.

Zoe’s an ambassador for “The Orangutan Project”, and if her sweetness towards those baby orangutans is anything to go by, she’s going to be a beautiful mama.

This is what she said about her last adventure with the furry little guys: “We saw the baby ones but we weren’t allowed to hold them, it was very emotional for me,’’ she said. “I did have a bit of morning sickness which is probably why I was crying but it’s an amazing cause.”

The Foster-Blake/Blakes got together after a long friendship and had a tiny, intimate secret wedding with just 22 of their closest friends in attendance. As further evidence of their excellence, they did a magic show instead of a waltz and had a Snickers-flavoured cake.

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