Is this the most heart-warming Halloween costume ever?

Lots of young boys dress up as superheroes for Halloween - Spiderman, Ironman, Thor...but not many dress up as real life heroes.

Landon Browne is 7 and he decided to dress up as his real-life hero this year: the doctor who gave him back the gift of hearing.

Dr. Jay Rubenstein worked with a team at the University of Washington to restore 7-year-old Landon's hearing when he was only 9-months-old. Landon was born deaf. Since then the doctor and his young patient have been working together at Seattle Children's Hospital to improve his hearing. Landon has became an important part of the doctor's research on restoring hearing to others and the two are clearly quite close.

The good doctor got the surprise of his life when his young patient turned up at the hospital dressed as him, complete with lab coat, stethoscope and surgical gloves.

"He worked on both my ears and he's a great surgeon," the boy told Seattle's KOMO News.

Dr Rubenstein said, "I'm pretty grateful to him for all the efforts he's made on our behalf, and for him to do this makes it clear that he feels the same way."

Landon's father is a musician and his mum Alysia is hoping her son can hear music more clearly one day. At this stage, Landon's hearing isn't perfect. He struggles to follow melodies and changes in pitch, something Dr Rubenstein is working on for Landon and all other hearing-impared patients.

"I completely got goosebumps, because who would want their child to not experience the beauty of music," she said of the possibility of her son enjoying listening to the music his father plays.

Who is your child's real life superhero?

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