Celeb news: Gwyneth Paltrow used the ‘N’ word.

But should people really be offended?

The mother and actress was watching (live) Jay-Z and Kanye perform in Paris. The name of their hit song is ‘Ni**as in Paris’ and Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted “Ni**as in paris for real.”

Gwyneth's tweet

She was just tweeting the song title and even used the asterisks. She clearly meant it as a reference but fans turned on her all the same, criticising Paltrow and asking ‘was it a joke gone wrong or does it matter?’

But Gwyneth’s response was short and sweet: “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

And this was the reply.

The-Dream (@mrteriusnash), who was tagged in the post, came forward to defend Gwyneth. He tweeted: “Fyi Sorry for the Confu I typed Ni**as in Paris for real from Gwens phone.” “My bad I was Fkd up please excuse it! We were lit!”

Your thoughts?