Gwyneth Paltrow says she can make your pregnancy "pain-free".

You just need to do these 10 things.

Besides being an A-list celebrity and self-made health mogul, Gwyneth Paltrow has also popped out two children. So being a mum to daughter Apple and son Moses has made Gwynie the holy-shrine of pregnancy advice.

Because she’s just released her 10 tips on how you can make your pregnancy “pain free”. Yep. You read that right.

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Yet while we love Paltrow just as much as the next person, we’re not sure how much we should be buying into advice from someone who believes all women should be having regular vagina steams…

But we’ll let you judge for yourself. Here are Paltrow’s suggestions that she’s published on her Goop website:

1. Don’t massage your lower back.

“This area is rich with nerve and blood supply to the ovaries and uterus and, as such, a do-not-touch area until the end of pregnancy. Instead of focusing directly on the lower back, have your partner or massage therapist work your gluteus (butt) muscles to release tension in your hips and low back.”

Gwyneth with her children Apple and Moses.

2. Do a figure 8 with almond oil.

"Even if you don’t have a genetic predisposition to stretch marks, pretend you do—slather yourself in sweet almond oil at every opportunity. I bathed in the stuff!"

3. Get reflexology on your feet - but don't go near your ankles.

"We’re often cautioned not to get massage on our feet or legs during pregnancy—but a treatment from a skilled, certified reflexologist will ground you and can be a godsend to your aching feet."

4. The closer you get to the birth, the more time you should spend on all fours...

"While not the most dignified of positions, hanging out on your hands and knees can help in many ways. First of all, the baby’s weight is not pressing down on your pelvis, but hanging forward in the belly—much less pressure and easier to sustain during exercise. Secondly, if you’re sitting a lot, you’re squeezing your tummy, which can cause your diaphragm to lock up."

Gwyneth getting in her H2O.

5. ...And spend the rest of your time in the water.

"No matter where—your bathtub, a pool, or the sea! The pressure against your belly equalises and you feel weightless, which also calms the baby."

6. Stick to an anti-inflammatory diet.

"It’s really difficult to resist relaxing your vigilance over food when you’re pregnant—and depending on the pregnancy, you might find that you’re either insatiable, or are piling on the weight, even if you’re exercising restraint. But, you will feel less pain in your body if you can stick with the weight gain doctors advise, which is just 1 kilogram per month.


"From the very beginning of your pregnancy, remind yourself that you don’t need a ton of food to sustain your baby."

Gwyneth Paltrow.

7. What you do eat can help aid digestion.

"To get your digestive system going, eat some bananas, steel cut oats, or brown rice. Grapefruit can be a magical cure for that mysterious mouth-watering nausea in early pregnancy—and it will also improve your appetite and relieve indigestion. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and ginger tea all day—both will help with digestion issues and morning sickness."

8. And what you don't eat can help you avoid heartburn.

"Stay away from cow’s milk dairy, rich fatty meats, pork, roasted peanuts and peanut butter, concentrated fruit juices (especially orange and tomato), and all wheat, sugar, and sweeteners."

9. Stress and pregnancy do not mix, at any stage.

"Stress makes every part of pregnancy more difficult: You’ll have a harder time getting pregnant; your pregnancy will be less pleasant and more exhausting; and your birth will be more difficult than it needs to be. Meditate, take baths, get lots of naps in."

10. Let go of perfect.

"Do not spend time trying to have the 'perfect' pregnancy or plotting out the 'perfect' birth plan. Mother Nature knows just what to do—and she will do it with or without your approval."

There you go, straight for Gwynie's mouth herself.

What do you think of Paltrow's 10 tips for a painless pregnancy?

You can read the full article on Goop.

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