Guess how much sleep new parents lose in the first year?

If, through some combination of limitless wealth and round-the-clock childcare, you could make up all the shut-eye you lost during the first year of baby’s life, how long do you think you’d get to sleep?

According to a new survey via The Daily Mail, you would need to snooze for almost a month and a half straight to make up the deficit. British sleep retailer Ergoflex polled more than 1,800 married folks in the UK and found that parents lost out on an average of 44 days of sleep in the first year of life with baby.

Here’s the maths: Parents reported getting an average of 5.1 hours of sleep each night, 2.9 hours less than the recommended 8. Over 365 days, that works out to 1,055.6 hours…about 44 days -- which should make you feel way better about that time when in a sleep-deprived stupor you left the house wearing mismatched shoes.

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