The heartless comment that made a bride's husband-to-be immediately call off the wedding.

There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful.

And for some brides, the stress can really take over.

While some brides can become rude and hard to deal with, others end up going rogue and becoming downright irrational.

If one thing’s for sure, this scenario is definitely the latter.

An anonymous wedding planner has recalled a wedding that was called off by the groom after the bride’s behaviour went too far.

Posting to, the wedding planner detailed how the wedding dramatically fell apart before her eyes.

According to the planner, it all began when the bride’s sister unexpectedly fell pregnant after trying for three years.

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“The Bridezilla informed her that her pregnancy is inconvenient and throws a fit at her poor timing because the dress will have to be altered to handle the pregnancy,” they wrote.

The bride then decided she didn’t want her sister involved in the wedding at all.

“Well, then, I guess you can’t be in my wedding, because I don’t want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause,” the bride said, according to the post.


Several months later, while in a meeting with the bride and her mother, the bride’s mother excused herself to answer the phone.

When she returned, it was clear she had been crying.

The bride’s sister had tragically lost her baby.

“My heart breaks for them. There is nothing I can say to take the pain away, and there are not enough tissues in the world to mop up my sympathetic tears that are about to come to the surface,” the wedding planner recalled in the post.

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But the bride was less than sympathetic.

“Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore,” she reportedly said.

“I have never seen something snap behind another person’s eyes before. It’s absolutely terrifying,” the planner recalled.

“Her mother turns to me and speaks in this deadly soft, deadly calm voice: ‘I’m so sorry to have wasted your time, but it looks as though I won’t be financing the wedding anymore’,” she wrote.

Shocked, the bride began “waving her arms” and “screeching horrified questions” at her mother.

The bride’s mother simply refused to answer.

According to the wedding planner, just 24 hours later, the groom called off the wedding entirely.

What do you think? Do you have any crazy bridezilla (or groomzilla!) stories? Let us know in the comments.

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